Introduction Review V

Another review! As you read through the Introduction to the Review, you will notice that there are no detailed practice instructions. The summary, given in paragraph 11, is the only reference to the actual practice we are meant to follow. A morning time, an evening time, and keeping the idea in our remembrance throughout the day—that's all the instruction we are given. Actually, the full instructions were given in Lesson 153, paragraphs 15-18. There, we were told that we would keep up this particular regimen "for quite a while." That "while" is still continuing.

In the ten days of review, I will be commenting mainly on the Review Introduction, rather than the daily ideas being reviewed. The first day I'll cover the first three paragraphs, and then one paragraph a day for the remaining nine review lessons. The theme idea for the review is: "God is but Love, and therefore so am I." This central idea apparently contains in implicit form all of the ideas we will review. As a result, each of the review ideas, like a spotlight shining on one part of a mountain, illumines some portion of the central idea. I will attempt to point out some ways the theme is connected to each day's two thoughts.

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