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Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives.



Look at what you are afraid of. Only the anticipation will frighten you. (T-12.II.5:2,3)

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Greg Mackie to speak at the Community Miracles Center’s Conference in April 2016 (register by January 1, 2016 to get the best price currently available)

We are pleased to announce that Circle of Atonement teacher Greg Mackie will be speaking at the Community Miracles Center’s 2016 Conference in Las Vegas.

Greg will join a line-up of 26 prominent ACIM teachers at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on April 8-10, 2016. The theme of the conference is “Change Your Mind/Change the World.” It is sure to be a fun event for everyone!

Here is a summary of Greg’s planned presentation:

How to Work Miracles: A Course in Changing Your Mind, Changing the World, and Finding Your Ultimate Release

A Course in Miracles is exactly what it says it is: a course in how to work miracles. Miracles enter our minds “like drops of healing rain from Heaven,” extend from our hands to our brothers, and reflect back to us the vision of Christ that sets us free. In this presentation, Greg draws especially from the Course’s early sections on miracles to offer practical instruction on how to become living, breathing miracle workers. Learn how to work miracles, and in so doing change your mind, change the world, and find your ultimate release.

IMPORTANT: When you enroll (after clicking the link below and going to the enrollment form), you will be asked on the enrollment form, “Which presenter’s publicity is inspiring you to enroll?” In the drop-down menu, please choose “Greg Mackie – Circle of Atonement.” Rev. Tony Ponticello is keeping track of this, and we’d like to help him out.

Register by January 1, 2016 to get the best price currently available.

For more information about the conference, please click here. To go directly to the enrollment form, click here.

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Seeing Differently

Seeing Differently

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The authority problem, part 2
In this class we will continue our exploration of the authority problem, this time looking at it in an organized fashion from top to bottom, from its metaphysical roots to its practical solution.

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Three phases of relationship with the program
In this class we will talk about three phases that one goes through in relation to the Course’s program. These phases are pre-program, program, and post-program. It is important to be familiar with these phases, both so that you can locate where you are and so that you can see where your pupils are (if you have pupils).

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A Better Way

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Q & A Board

12.18.12 How would ACIM suggest responding to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut? 
Q. Would you please suggest some articles to read to help our group understand how ACIM would suggest responding to the tragedy that occurred Friday at Newtown, CT. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated,  Read more or post a reply»

Robert's Q & A

06.11.13 What is the relationship between the Course and the Bible? 
Q. How do you see the relationship between the Course and the Bible? A. This is a huge question, on which there can be a number of responsible and intelligent views. The main views I'm aware of are  Read more or post a reply»

04.22.13 Is it right to seek guidance from sources outside the Spirit within? 
Q. I find that many Course students are contacting mediums and seeking guidance from other spiritual beings. I am confused. I have always thought that the course was leading us to the Christ Spirit or  Read more or post a reply»

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New Course Meets World

NewParis: The Patient Urgency of Now  by Greg Mackie
Everyone in the world knows what happened in Paris on Friday, November 13: a massive terrorist attack, with over 130 dead and many more wounded, and the Islamic State (ISIS) claiming responsibility. All
Read more or post a reply»

NewThe Placebo Effect: How Deep Does It Go?  by Greg Mackie
I've always been fascinated by the placebo effect: the phenomenon in medicine where people can experience healing benefits from a fake medicine if they believe the medicine is real. How is it that a
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Featured Articles

NewWhy Should We Be Grateful?  by Robert Perry
This is a talk Robert gave at Thanksgiving time, based on the lesson "Love is the way I walk in gratitude." It addresses what, in the Course's eyes, we should be grateful for and whom we
Read more or post a reply»

New"All My Sorrows End in Your Embrace"  by Robert Perry
Robert attempts to draw out the beauty in the moving prayer that is found in Lesson 317.
Read more or post a reply»

NewThis Is a Course for Miracle Workers: Please Clock In  by Greg Mackie
Why did Jesus dictate A Course in Miracles? The answer is right in its title: to train us to become miracle workers, people who extend miracles of true perception to others in thought, word, and deed. Dra
Read more or post a reply»

Featured Q&As

Does the Holy Spirit do things? 
Does the Holy Spirit actually DO things in the world? Ken Wapnick says He does not, and I would like to know your view.  Read more or post a reply»

Unlimited communication 
The Course tells us that communication must be unlimited. Does this mean that we have to tell everyone all of our private thoughts? Is Jesus speaking here of something akin to the Christian idea of confession?  Read more or post a reply»

Sin versus error 
According to the Course, what is the difference between a sin and an error?  Read more or post a reply»

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thank you for this sharing. i am grateful this morning for the Quiet Guide within, who gently shows »
By: Nicci Barker
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Absolutely magnificent!! In profound gratitude Robert.
By: Stephen Weglarz
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thank you greg. i am relieved to see this issue given a close look.
By: Nicci Barker
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A Workbook Companion, Volume II, Second Edition
A Workbook Companion, Volume II, Second Edition
 The indispensable companion on your journey through the Workbook of A Course in Miracles. These books offer insightful teachings, personal anecdotes, detailed lesson instructions, and cameo essays on related topics such as meditation in the Course.

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