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Whatever suffers is not part of me.


To forgive is merely to remember only the loving thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given you. All the rest must be forgotten. T-17.III.1:1,2

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The practical implications of projection
In two classes several months ago, Robert presented a new understanding of projection. In this class, he will explore how we can apply that understanding so as to lay hold of its benefits.

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The Circle's approach to the Course
In the last class, we covered the Circle's core value of Course fidelity. In this class, we will see what overall picture of the Course—as a teaching and as a path—is yielded by that core value.

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A Better Way

July/August Issue of A Better Way #134 This month's article is one by Robert titled "How Does Projection Really Work? " Projection seems to be a central concept in nearly everyone's understanding of A Course in Miracles. But how does it actually work? Is it just a matter of projecting onto others traits we dislike in ourselves? Or is it about something larger? In this article, Robert shares the new understanding he has gained from studying the Course's references to projection. Click here to read this month's A Better Way.

Past Issues of A Better Way.

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NewA Summary of the Ladder of Prayer: Based on The Song of Prayer, Chapter 1  by Robert Perry
The Song of Prayer contains an extended presentation of "the ladder of prayer," which is really a ladder of spiritual development. Trying to understand this ladder, however, is easier said tha
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NewShadows on the Wall: How Would the Course Have Us Regard Modern Physics?  by Greg Mackie
For many students of the Course, especially in the wake of the movie, What the @$%#* Do We Know? quantum physics is seen as scientific support for the Course's view of reality. Yet would the Course
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NewCommentary on Lesson 246: To love my Father is to love His Son.  by Robert Perry
This lesson is addressing one of the great temptations and distortions on the spiritual path—loving God without loving other people.
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Does the Holy Spirit do things? 
Does the Holy Spirit actually DO things in the world? Ken Wapnick says He does not, and I would like to know your view.  Read more or post a reply»

Unlimited communication 
The Course tells us that communication must be unlimited. Does this mean that we have to tell everyone all of our private thoughts? Is Jesus speaking here of something akin to the Christian idea of confession?  Read more or post a reply»

Sin versus error 
According to the Course, what is the difference between a sin and an error?  Read more or post a reply»

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Thanks Robert for the article on this important subject, and the replies from Brenda and Mike are worth »
By: Martin Pettet
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Thanks for keeping it simple!
By: peg casey
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Since we laid our hands on the book again, this time in earnest discovery, we were led to the Circle »
By: Dennis Chandler
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Reality & Illusion
Reality & Illusion
 This book organizes the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles into a coherent, understandable picture. It examines the Course's vision of reality, attempting to answer questions such as "What is real?" and "What am I?"

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