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The glory of my Father is my own.



When you forgive the world your guilt, you will be free of it. (T-27.VIII.13:2)

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What is the Holy Spirit?
Course students are perennially confused about the Holy Spirit. Is He a real being or just our own right minds? What is His relationship with God? How separate and distinct is He from God? What exactly is His role? Why do we need Him and how do we call on Him? All of these issues will be cleared up so completely that you will never be confused about the Holy Spirit again. Well, that’s the hope.

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The term “self-study” is perhaps the most widespread description of the Course there is. But is it really a self-study course? In this class, Greg Mackie will go over ten pieces of evidence for the idea that Jesus expected students to be guided through the Course by personal teachers or mentors. This is the first in a series of classes designed to lead up to a training for teachers of pupils. All teacher members are welcome to attend. Those who would like to be part of the training are strongly encouraged to attend (or listen to the recording).

Note, you must be a CCC Teacher in order to listen to these classes.

A Better Way

June/July Issue of A Better Way #129 This month's article, which has been months in the works, is a joint one by both Greg and Robert. Titled "We Have the Answer: Jesus' Vision of a Better World and How We Can Achieve It," the article is about a single very important passage in the original dictation of A Course in Miracles. Robert and Greg believe this passage is a reference to a speech by an American president as he set forth his vision of a better world and how to achieve it. Therefore, in the way that Jesus agrees and disagrees with this president, we can see what his own views are on this vital topic. It's a long article, but for all those Course students who are concerned about the world as a whole, we hope it will prove clarifying. Click here to read this month's A Better Way.

Past Issues of A Better Way.

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NewI See Only the Past  by Robert Perry

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NewCommentary on Lesson 240: Fear is not justified in any form.  by Robert Perry
To understand the logic behind today's idea, we need to pay careful attention to paragraph 1. The basic logic there is that fear is rooted in a false view of ourselves, which then projects a false
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NewConclusion of Return to the Heart of God  by Robert Perry
In this personal piece, Robert attempts to describe what he finds "so amazing" about the Course after twenty-five years of studying and practicing it. This conclusion to the book has received
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Featured Q&As

Who Carries Out the Last Judgment? 
I am confused about the definition of the Last Judgment in A Course in Miracles. In some places, it says the Last Judgment is carried out by the Sonship, while in others it says that the Last Judgment is carried out by God. Help!  Read more or post a reply»

Should we regard hurtful and deceitful acts as good because good can come out of them? 
It is a common tendency, especially in the spiritual arena, to justify hurtful or unethical behavior by pointing to the good that can come out of that behavior. What does the Course say about this? Does hurtful behavior become good simply because good may come out of it?  Read more or post a reply»

How Do I Know the Course Is True? 
How do you know that what A Course in Miracles says is true? Is this a faith thing?  Read more or post a reply»

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Yes. I agree.
By: Sean Schiraldi
On: Should We Read the Gospel of Thomas?
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First of all to the OP--- Isn't that for YOU to decide? Secondly, I just recently grabbed The Gospel »
By: Sean Schiraldi
On: Should We Read the Gospel of Thomas?
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Thanks, Greg, for a very insightful analysis of these two views. Even though I did hear Ken Wapnick »
By: Diann
On: Does the Holy Spirit Actually Do Things in the World?
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Yes, the Course is the most beautifully written text I have ever encountered. As a retired English teacher, »
By: Diann
On: Appreciating the Masterpiece, Part 1
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past subjunctive Spanish example sentences What does Jesus mean when he says "I am »
By: past subjunctive Spanish example sentences
On: What does Jesus mean when he says "I am the teacher of the ego"?
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The Illuminated Text Volume 3
The Illuminated Text Volume 3
 The Illuminated Text Volume 3. Drawn from our online Text Reading Program, it will guide you through each paragraph of chapters 10-13 of the Text, enabling you to get a deep understanding of this spiritual masterpiece.

Text and Workbook classes for 2014

We are very pleased to announce a new daily Text phone class for 2014, a one-hour evening class. We will also be continuing our morning Workbook phone class. These will be taught by Circle Course Community teachers, along with Robert Perry and Greg Mackie. For details, please go here.

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