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(99) Salvation is my only function here.
(100) My part is essential to God's plan for salvation.



Believe in your brothers because I believe in you, and you will learn that my belief in you is justified. Believe in me by believing in them, for the sake of what God gave them. They will answer you if you learn to ask only truth of them. Do not ask for blessings without blessing them, for only in this way can you learn how blessed you are. By following this way you are seeking the truth in you. This is not going beyond yourself but toward yourself. Hear only God’s Answer in His Sons, and you are answered.(T-9.II.8:1-7)

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URL for Greg Mackie’s presentation at the Community Miracles Center Conference in Las Vegas (April 8-10, 2016)

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This question, which occurs to most Course students at some point, is beautifully answered in a section in the CE called “The Call to Awake” (T-6.VI). This answer could potentially reframe your whole picture of the Course and of life on earth.

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Should anyone attempt to teach the meaning of the Course?
Recently, someone reported that guidance from Helen, which was subsequently passed on by Bill, said that “Study groups are fine for discussion as long as everyone is on equal footing but nobody is to attempt to teach [the Course’s] Meaning.” Could this be actual guidance from Jesus? What does the Course suggest on this subject?

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January/March Issue of A Better Way #139 In January, we released the Circle of Atonement's new Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles ("CE" for short). For this edition of A Better Way, we asked people who played some part in producing the CE how they are experiencing their reading of the new edition, now that it is the version of the Course that they are actually using day to day. We hope you enjoy reading the responses. Click here to read this month's A Better Way.

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Seeing Differently

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What Is Death?
What Is Death?
 A Course in Miracles claims that "There is no death." This e-book examines the Course's insights into the nature of death, and then applies those insights to practical situations: encountering death in our daily experience, dealing with the death of loved ones, helping grieving friends and family, and facing our own death.

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