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I can be free of suffering today.


Introduction & Rules for Decision


...each [problem], regardless of the form it seems to take, is a demand that someone suffer loss and make a sacrifice that you might gain. And when the situation is worked out so no one loses is the problem gone, because it was an error in perception that now has been corrected. (T-26.II.2:2-3)

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URL for Greg Mackie’s presentation at the Community Miracles Center Conference in Las Vegas (April 8-10, 2016)

For those who attended Greg Mackie’s presentation on “How to Work Miracles” (and for those who didn’t as well!), here is the URL for the notes to that presentation:

We enourage you to download these notes if you would like to put into practice the material Greg presented on how to work miracles. Enjoy!

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Important announcement about new COA publication
We are very happy to share with you information about a new publication that has been years in the making and that will be a foundation for the Circle going forward. Please join us to learn about what one endorser has called "a landmark moment in the history of A Course in Miracles."

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Safety is the complete relinquishment of attack
Our topic is "'Safety is the complete relinquishment of attack': Thoughts on how to respond to Donald Trump's election victory." Since the election on November 8, many Course students have shared with us that they are having a difficult time coping emotionally with Donald Trump's victory and what his presidency might bring. In this class, based on an article Greg has just written, we want to offer some thoughts on how to respond to this event from a Course perspective. (Note: Trump supporters are welcome; the counsel offered in this class is nonpolitical and can be applied to any life situation.)

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A Better Way

September/October Issue of A Better Way #138 The article in this issue is one by Greg titled "'You Need to Learn How to Love Other People': A Story of Guidance." In this article, Greg shares a personal story about some transformative guidance he received and had the opportunity to put to the test: that the most crucial thing in life for him, as for all of us, is to learn how to love other people. Click here to read this month's A Better Way.

Past Issues of A Better Way.

New Course Meets World

New"Safety Is the Complete Relinquishment of Attack": Thoughts on How to Respond to Donald Trump's Election Victory  by Greg Mackie
As everyone who is not in a cave on a Himalayan mountainside knows, Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the election for President of the United States. This event was both surprising and disturbing
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Featured Articles

NewWhy I Am a Course Purist  by Robert Perry
The term "Course purist" may sound like rigid fundamentalism, but for Robert being a Course purist is reasonable, healthy, freeing, and life-giving. In this article, Robert explains why he is
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NewWhat a Difference a Few Words Make  by Greg Mackie
The recently discovered Gospel of Judas (a third-century gospel that no one believes was actually authored by him) caused quite a buzz when it was released by the National Geographic Society in 2006. Most
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NewName of God Meditation  by Robert Perry
This article details an extremely effective meditation technique that is primarily taught in Workbook Lesson 183, one which has affinities with Catholic Centering Prayer and with the mystical classic The Clo
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Featured Q&As

Does the Holy Spirit do things? 
Does the Holy Spirit actually DO things in the world? Ken Wapnick says He does not, and I would like to know your view.  Read more or post a reply»

Unlimited communication 
The Course tells us that communication must be unlimited. Does this mean that we have to tell everyone all of our private thoughts? Is Jesus speaking here of something akin to the Christian idea of confession?  Read more or post a reply»

Sin versus error 
According to the Course, what is the difference between a sin and an error?  Read more or post a reply»

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A correction to my original comment-I wish I could redo that last sentence, because the phrase "eventually »
By: nancy pickard
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As Jeff said, what a thoughtful and insightful response. The Holy Spirit certainly does things in »
By: nancy pickard
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Seeing Differently

Seeing Differently

A Visual Approach to Course Principles.

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Shrouded Vaults of the Mind
Shrouded Vaults of the Mind
 This book draws a map of the mind based on the thought system of A Course in Miracles, and takes you on a tour through its many levels: the face of innocence, the victim, the ego proper, the call for love, the right mind, and the Christ Mind.

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