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Let me be still and listen to the truth.



You are only love, but when you deny this, you make what you are something you must learn to remember. (T-6.III.2:3)

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How should we talk about other people?

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Not mixing the Course with other paths, part 2
Not mixing the Course with other paths, part 2

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New Course Topic

New"All My Sorrows End in Your Embrace" The Concept of "Embrace" in A Course in Miracles  by Robert Perry
In this article, Robert surveys the Course's references to being embraced. He finds that in this simple, almost embarrassingly anthropomorphic, image is contained a central truth about the nature of
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NewMy Course-based Jury Duty  by Greg Mackie
We at the Circle get asked a lot about whether it's proper for a Course student to serve on a jury. Our short answer is yes, but what might that look like on a practical level? In this article, Greg
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Robert's Q & A

06.11.13 What is the relationship between the Course and the Bible? 
Q. How do you see the relationship between the Course and the Bible? A. This is a huge question, on which there can be a number of responsible and intelligent views. The main views I'm aware of are  Read more or post a reply»

04.22.13 Is it right to seek guidance from sources outside the Spirit within? 
Q. I find that many Course students are contacting mediums and seeking guidance from other spiritual beings. I am confused. I have always thought that the course was leading us to the Christ Spirit or  Read more or post a reply»

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Robert's Blog

NewLetting go of the shadow figures  by Robert Perry
More specifically, it was on what the Course calls "shadow figures." These are our images/memories of key people from our past who didn't give us the love and special treatment we wanted.
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Featured Articles

NewThe Perfect Lesson  by Greg Mackie
This week is Holy Week, the week Christians commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. This week is central to the Christian faith, for according to the tenets of that faith, the events Holy
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NewCommentary on Lesson 100: My part is essential to God's plan for salvation.  by Robert Perry
This lesson talks about how we fulfill our function, our part in God's plan. Each of us has particular people assigned to us in this plan, particular people we are supposed to save. Yet how do we save
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NewWhat Is the Soul?  by Robert Perry
Talk about the soul is rampant in our culture and in spiritual circles. But is it a concept in A Course in Miracles? Is there room in the Course for an individual spiritual entity that is journeying through
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A Better Way

March/March Issue of A Better Way #127 This month's article is one by Greg entitled "Purpose, Vision, Guidance: The Foundation for a Fulfilling Life." In this article, Greg describes how the three "first principles" in the article title—all prominent ideas in the Course—have become foundational to his life. He also offers tips on how to use these principles to bring more fulfillment to your life. Click here to read this month's A Better Way.

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Featured Q&As

Is wanting a new romantic relationship okay? 
I have been divorced for a long time, but now find myself wanting a partner. Yet I believe the Course is telling me that I think I want a "special" relationship because my ego needs a diversion, something else to keep me from focusing my attention on the truth about myself. I feel that by even entertaining the idea of a new relationship, I'm delaying my progress along the path that the Course sets forth. What do you think about this?  Read more or post a reply»

What exactly do we do in Heaven? 
What exactly do we do in Heaven? Will we be able to interact with others? Wouldn't just basking in God's Love for eternity be boring?  Read more or post a reply»

What should we do when we think someone else is coming from the ego? 
I have a Course friend who frequently points it out when he thinks I am coming from my ego. Is this something the Course recommends? What would the Course have us do when it appears to us that someone else is coming from the ego?  Read more or post a reply»

Recent Comments

Great story. Pragmatic & moving--a combination that inspires me to carry the memory of this account »
By: Susan C
On: My Course-based Jury Duty
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Wonderful! And very revealing! This is THE image of Jesus I should have been educated with! How different »
On: What Does the Shroud of Turin Mean?
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Thanks for this article, Robert. I particularly appreciated the info on how the "original" version uses »
By: Robert J. Hellmann
On: What Is the Soul?
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There are about 531 "I" statements from Jesus in the Course. I choose among them for my daily mantra, »
By: Sara Follett
On: Is Jesus Actually with Us, or Is This a Useful Fiction?
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Peter, I just did some searching in my archives and I did find a document with a number of exercises »
By: Robert Perry
On: Is Jesus Actually with Us, or Is This a Useful Fiction?
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