Commentary on Lesson 58

by Robert Perry

Today we are reviewing the holiness lessons from the latter half of the 30's.

PARAGRAPH 1. (36) My holiness envelops everything I see.

Note that key line: "Having forgiven, I no longer see myself as guilty." That is the absolute core of the Course. Once we forgive others, we let go of our own guilt. Students often see that the other way around-once I no longer see myself as guilty, I will forgive others-but that is a secondary main focus of the Course.

Sample thought process: "If I will forgive the world, I will no longer see myself as guilty. I will accept my innocence, my holiness. Then out of this holiness, I will see the real world. I will see the holiness of the world, for I always see my own thoughts about myself projected outward."

PARAGRAPH 2. (37) My holiness blesses the world.

Sample thought process: "The recognition of my holiness is an incalculable blessing to me. It brings me profound joy. But it doesn't bring this to me alone. When I recognize my holiness, this helps everyone recognize theirs too. They share my holiness. And my recognition sparks theirs. What a wonderful thing to be able to help everyone realize their holiness."

PARAGRAPH 3. (38) There is nothing my holiness cannot do.

Sample thought process: "My holiness saves me. It saves me from all my false self images, because it is the truth about me. It rescues me from all my idols, all those false images of me that I have worshipped for so long. It is not a fantasy about me, it is not wishful thinking. It is the real truth. It shows me that in spite of all the sinfulness I think exists in me, my real nature is holiness which I share with God Himself."

PARAGRAPH 4. (39) My holiness is my salvation.

Sample thought process: "Getting in touch with my holiness is everything. It is my salvation. It saves me from guilt and so it saves me, period. This is my biggest priority, to get in touch with my holiness. Once I do that, it will be impossible to be afraid anymore. And when I am unafraid, everyone benefits. They will calm down. And in that calmness, they will see their own holiness."

PARAGRAPH 5. (40) I am blessed as a Son of God.

Sample thought process: "I am totally blessed, because I am God's Son. It is my nature as His Son that makes me entitled to all good things. And the good things this entitles me to are almost beyond belief. I cannot lose anything or be deprived of anything. I cannot really be in pain. My Father constantly lavishes all of His love upon me. He gives me all His gifts. I abide in the lap of His luxury."

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