Guidelines for Circle-Affiliated Study Groups

This is a study group in which the leader attempts to follow the Circle's approach, which views the Course as a literal manual of spiritual awakening.

  1. The group has a leader who is a teacher-level member of the Circle Course Community. (If there is more than one leader of the group, this and other points should apply to all leaders.)
  2. The stated purpose of the group is to help people walk the path of the Course as the author laid it out.
  3. The leader lets all participants know that the group is taught, to the best of the leader's ability, from the Circle of Atonement's approach (Click here for more about the Circle's approach).
  4. The group focuses on using the Course itself. The leader acknowledges the importance of students actually working their way through the Text and Workbook.
  5. If other materials are used or studied by the group, they should be the Circle's—because the Circle has a unique focus on helping students use the Course as a literal manual of spiritual awakening and because these are Circle-Affiliated Study Groups.
  6. The leader will take responsibility to let us know if something changes and the group no longer follows these guidelines

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