Who teaches the Course?

The Course describes a hierarchy of three teachers who work together. They are listed here in the order of the level of direct access the pupil has to them:

  1. The human teacher: This is a more mature student of the Course who plays the role of mentor to newer Course students. This person could be described as a "student-teacher" who is meant to work under the tutelage of the other two teachers.
  2. Jesus: He is the purported author of the Course. He assumes the role of teacher in several ways. First, he is the one who designed this course and authored all of its instructional materials. Second, he promises that he can instruct every student personally, from inside the student's mind. Finally, he can teach us through the example of his life two thousand years ago. He could be described as the "professor" who teaches this course.
  3. The Holy Spirit: He is Jesus' Teacher, and He also serves as each student's internal Teacher and Guide. He could be described as the "dean," the Head of the entire education system.

All of these teachers have an important role to play in the educational program. The Course envisions a flow of teaching issuing from the Holy Spirit, flowing through Jesus, through the human teacher, and finally illuminating the student with its guidance and wisdom. The higher the teacher is on this hierarchy, the closer he is to the Source of perfect knowledge. The lower he is, the more direct access that teacher has to the student. If all the levels are in place, therefore, a high level of wisdom can shine down and reach the student through physical interaction with his teacher.

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