Where can I find the decision maker?

Q. Where can I find the best passages in the Course about the decision maker?

A. The decision maker, as you may know, is a term used by Ken Wapnick to describe the post-separation part of our minds that chooses between the ego and the Holy Spirit (two other aspects of the post-separation mind). According to Ken, this is the “you” the Course is addressed to.

Ken readily admits that this is not a Course term. I would add that, strictly speaking, it is also not a Course concept. The reason the Course doesn’t have a term for the part of the post-separation mind that makes decisions is that it doesn’t really conceptualize things that way. In its view, decisions are made by you, and you are the Son of God, the same Son of God that God created in the beginning, the same Son of God that lives eternally at one with God, and the same Son of God that you will one day awaken as.

You just happen to have fallen asleep, and in a dull and irrational state, you dream that you are a human being. But the “you” that dreams that, and that makes (often mistaken) choices, is the same limitless Son of God that God created before the universe appeared. In other words, you are the pre-separation Son of God who is merely having a crazy dream, and you are the decision maker.

I don’t think this issue is a terribly big deal. However, I also don’t think it is completely without effect, for I think the term “decision maker” produces two kinds of unnecessary distance. It puts distance between you and the power of decision, just by talking about this “decision maker,” rather than simply saying “you.” And it also puts distance between you and the Son of God, for you, it would seem, are the product of post-separation splits, which can’t help but make you feel distant from the pre-separation Son of God.

As a result, I think we do best to stick with the Course’s language, and talk about you as the Son of God who has the God-given power of decision, a power that you are exercising all the time, and that you can learn to turn consistently in the right direction.

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