What is the goal of the Course?

The goal of the Course can be expressed in a number of different ways. The Course's ultimate goal for us is full awakening to the awareness of God. To pave the way to this ultimate goal, the actual learning goal of the Course is the attainment of true perception through forgiveness: the perception of everyone and everything as pure, holy, innocent children of God. One could also say that the goal of the Course is to bless us with gifts of God like those listed in the previous question.

Finally, one could say that the goal of the Course is to produce a particular kind of person: a person whom it calls an "advanced teacher of God" (see Section 4 of the Manual for Teachers). This is someone who has so fully accepted the gifts of God that he or she embodies the character traits of trust, honesty, tolerance, gentleness, joy, defenselessness, generosity, patience, faithfulness, and open-mindedness. In other words, the person the Course aims to produce is a person who is pure goodness, a person who in any time or place would be considered a saint.

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