What is the basis for claiming that Jesus is the author of the Course?

The many first-person passages referring to the teaching and life of Jesus clearly identify him as the purported author, and one passage flatly states that this course came from him (M-23.7:1). Robert Perry has identified a number of similarities between the Jesus of history and the author of the Course, similarities which lend support to the claim that the Course's author is Jesus. However, it is not necessary to accept this claim in order to benefit from the Course. "It is possible to read his words and benefit from them without accepting him into your life" (C-5.6:6).

For more on this topic, see two articles in which Robert discusses parallels between the Jesus of history and the author of the Course. One is entitled Who Was the Jesus of History and Did He Write A Course in Miracles? The other is condensed from that article, and is entitled A Joint Portrait of Jesus.

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