What if I don’t have a holy relationship?

Question: The Course says that salvation comes through holy relationships. But what if I don't even know anyone who practices the Course, let alone someone to have a holy relationship with?

Answer: A holy relationship is any relationship in which two people join in a truly common goal, a goal that can be truly shared. But there is nothing in the Course that says this has to be between two Course students. The relationship doesn't have to be based on the Course; indeed, it doesn't even have to be based on an overtly spiritual goal. Helen and Bill are the perfect example: They didn't join initially to do the Course, which obviously didn't exist yet. Their holy relationship began when they joined in the goal of finding a "better way" to handle interpersonal relationships.

Many Course students ask: But what if I can't find a holy relationship partner? The Course's answer is that all relationships are arranged by the Holy Spirit to serve His plan, so when the time is right, you cannot fail to meet your holy relationship partner(s). The following passage is specifically about teachers of God and their pupils, but it applies equally to all holy relationships:

The plan includes very specific contacts to be made for each teacher of God. There are no accidents in salvation. Those who are to meet will meet, because together they have the potential for a holy relationship. They are ready for each other. (M-3.1:5-8)

So, somewhere out there, there are people who will come into our lives and join with us when we are "ready for each other." Until then, it is perfectly fine to walk the Course's path without a holy relationship partner. You will make great progress by doing so; in fact, I think it is safe to say that doing so will bring your readiness for a holy relationship partner nearer. So, just keep walking the path, trusting that when that readiness is complete, you will join in the holy relationships you need to complete your journey to God.

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