What, exactly, is A Course in Miracles?

A Course in Miracles is a spiritual path in the form of a book. Its purpose is to train us to work miracles—to accept and extend to others the healed perception that awakens us to God. The Course consists of three volumes (usually bound together in one book), which follow the model of a college course. The three volumes are the Text, the Workbook, and the Manual for Teachers.

The Text gives the theoretical foundation of the Course's thought system, which is essential to make the exercises of the Workbook meaningful. The Workbook, in 365 daily lessons, trains the mind in how to think along the lines the Text sets forth. Based on the Text, it emphasizes experience through practical application. The Manual for Teachers gives instruction for those who have studied the Text and completed the Workbook and are ready to deepen their learning by extending it to others—in other words, those who are ready to become full-fledged miracle workers. While this extension can take many forms, the Manual discusses two forms in particular: 1) a teacher of the Course who extends the Course to pupils through his or her thoughts, words, and example (a kind of Course mentor), and 2) a Course-based healer who extends healing to patients.

For more on this question, see the page on this website entitled What Is A Course in Miracles? If you would like to order a copy of A Course in Miracles, there are four formats to choose from: the original edition hardcover, softcover, or the mass market paperback version.

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