What does the Course mean by “the Word of God”?

Q. I was asked to explain the meaning of “the Word of God” in the Course. I could only answer days later, after thinking, that the Word of God is truth, ideas, creative manifestation, divine intelligence, infinite love. Can you explain to me what this term means?

A. If you have a Christian background, you expect the Word of God to be the Bible, or maybe Jesus. In the Course, though, it is quite different. It is the life-giving message that God is always speaking to us. It is the message of Love that God spoke to us in our creation, by which He brought us into life. And now, in the separation, it is the message of salvation that God speaks to us through His Voice, by which He brings us back to the fullness of life. Indeed, one of the senses of “God’s Word” in the Course is that it is God’s promise that we will find our way back to Him: “For You will keep Your Word You gave Your Son in exile” (W-pII.355.1:2).

This message, which is ultimately unitary and nonverbal, is the basis for all the guidance that the Holy Spirit gives us, all of which can be seen as specific variations on or applications of the one Word. It is meant to replace all of our “words”—all of our current thoughts and beliefs, all the interpretations we have laid on ourselves and on the world. Thus, everything we think is meant to be just different permutations of this Word. And likewise, everything we say to others is meant to be just different ways of speaking this one Word. Finally, we will learn that this Word is written on our hearts; it is stamped onto our very core. When it becomes the only thing that fills our hearts and minds, our journey through this world will be over, and we will be again face-to-face with the Word by which God “spoke” us into being: “My Son is pure and holy as Myself” (W-pII.276.1:2).

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