Were we actually “created above the angels”?

Q. I came across a personal revelation that Helen Schucman was given, which said, “You were created above the angels because your role involves creation as well as protection.” Does that mean that the role of angels is protection, not creating? And does it mean that all of us were created above the angels?

A. I would say yes to both of your questions. If you look at what is said in the Course about angels, their role can be accurately described as protection. One passage speaks of them keeping “away all darkened thoughts of sin” (T-26.IX.7:1). Another says they will “shelter you from every worldly thought that would intrude upon your holiness” (W-pI.183.2:2). Their role, in other words, could be described as protecting us from harmful thoughts.

I can also see the Course saying that we were created above the angels. Whereas they were created to protect us, we were created, as the Course says repeatedly, to create with God. They are a means, in other words, to our end.

This seems very similar to the contrast between our place in reality and the Holy Spirit’s. The primary players in the Course’s view of Heaven are the Father and the Son (with all of us being parts of the Son, or Sons). The ultimate goal is for us to return to our perfect relationship with God and create with Him. The Holy Spirit was created as a means to that goal—an incredibly lofty means, one that is loftier than any individual Son, yet still a means. That’s why He is described as “the Communication Link between God the Father and His separated Sons” (T-6.I.19:1). He is there to facilitate the main event: the relationship between Father and Son.

It seems that the same thing is true of the angels. They are there to help restore us to our true place in Heaven. While we are still separate and body-bound, they are obviously far loftier than we are. But when we at last assume our true place, we will apparently be “above” them. That’s quite a thought to take in. And clearly, that’s precisely the intent of that sentence you quoted. Jesus wanted Helen to take in the great honor contained in that statement. And I can’t help but imagine that he wants us to do the same.

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