Thought of Separation

Question: If the thought of separation ran through the Sonship, why did it not run through the mind of our creations also? Wouldn't that thought have been shared?

Since the Course never answers this question anywhere, I don't have a definite answer. But I can share my own speculation on the topic. Two possibilities come to my mind. First, perhaps our creations did have the thought of separation when we did. In that case, they would be currently asleep and dreaming that they are separate forms somewhere, just as we are. Second, perhaps they "refused" the thought of separation. In that case, they would be currently awake in Heaven, waiting for our return.

The second possibility brings to mind another question that the Course never answers: When we had the thought of separation, did every Son accept it and fall into a separated state, or did some Sons "remember to laugh" at the tiny, mad idea (see T-27.VIII.6) and remain in a state of oneness? My guess is that at least some Sons did remain in a state of oneness. Though thoughts are shared, the Course is clear that we have the ability to refuse to believe in thoughts that others believe in. After all, this is how Jesus woke up. So, perhaps there are some Sons (and creations) that never fell asleep, and other Sons (and creations) that did. Since the Course is silent on the subject, it's impossible to know for sure.

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