References to the Second Edition of the Course give a letter followed by three of four numbers. What does this mean?

In the Second Edition, first published in 1992, all parts of the book are numbered. In the Text, numbering is applied to chapters, sections, paragraphs, and sentences. For example, T-17.III.7:3 means:

Text, Chapter 17, section III, paragraph 7, sentence 3

This refers to the sentence "Whom God has joined as one, the ego cannot put asunder" which can be found on page 332 of the Text in the First Edition.

References are made in the following ways:

Text: T-Chapter.Section.Paragraph:Sentence
Workbook: W-Part (I or II).Lesson.Paragraph:Sentence
Manual for Teachers: M-Section.Paragraph:Sentence
Clarification of Terms: C-Section.Paragraph:Sentence
Psychotherapy supplement P-Chapter.Section.Paragraph:Sentence
Song of Prayer supplement: S-Chapter.Section.Paragraph:Sentence

A few sections of the Course necessitate subsection letters as reference, e.g., T-6.V(A).1:1.

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