In a nutshell, what does the Course teach?

The Course's central teaching is forgiveness. Its message is that the source of our suffering is not the world's mistreatment of us, but rather our attacking thoughts about the world. This attack convinces us that we have defiled our nature beyond repair, that we are irredeemably guilty. Yet the Course says true reality—including our own reality—cannot be defiled; it is a realm of pure, changeless, unified spirit. This realization allows us to forgive the world's apparent mistreatment of us by recognizing that it was not real, that it did not actually occur. And as we see this forgiveness come forth from us—as we see that we are capable of something genuinely loving and egoless—we gradually realize that we never defiled ourselves. Thus we awaken to the untouched innocence of our true nature. We awaken to the awareness of our oneness with God and all His creation.

This, of course, is only a very short summary of what the Course teaches. This entire website has a wealth of materials that explore the Course's teachings in depth. For some longer answers to the basic question of what the Course teaches, go to the page on this website entitled What Does A Course in Miracles Teach? For a good summary of what the Course teaches (including material on the Course as a spiritual path), you may want to order Robert Perry's book Path of Light: Stepping into Peace with A Course in Miracles.

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