I have been unable to convince myself of the reality of Jesus. Any recommendations?

Q. I have been unable to convince myself of the reality of Jesus. I want very much to believe in Jesus, but I see Jesus as a myth, and I don’t see how I could see him otherwise. Who wrote A Course In Miracles? I don’t know. Maybe it is a benevolent spirit posing as Jesus to get our trust or appeal to us. Any recommendations? I find it nearly impossible to believe in a Jesus who appears to any skeptic as a myth. Wish I could… 

A. I can really hear the sincerity in your question. I have a number of thoughts I’d like to share.

First, I’ve done a great deal of study of the historical Jesus over 20 years. There’s no question that Jesus really existed. Those who consider him a mythical person back then are engaging in extremely biased, agenda-driven “history.” Whoever he was, he was an incredibly intelligent, creative, loving, powerful, and charismatic person. You may want to consult Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist? 

Second, I am convinced we survive death (based on a number of converging phenomena), which means that Jesus did too. 

Third, I am convinced that those who have died can, under certain conditions, communicate with us, primarily through people who possess the receptivity to hear them. I think this is a far more common and natural phenomenon than we realize.

Fourth, I do think there is reason to believe Jesus is still around based on other experiences people have. I have read many spiritual experiences of Jesus that have a ring of reality to them (for various reasons). See, for instance, Visions of Jesus by Phillip Wiebe and Sacred Encounters with Jesus by G. Scott Sparrow. 

These four points mean that there is no theoretical impossibility to Jesus communicating with us. 

Fifth, the author of the Course is clearly a highly individual and unique mind. I’ve never encountered a thinker that can hold a candle to him. There is a unique force of mind there, someone who is extremely creative and individual. He is very far from some kind of blank transmitter of universal truths. The phrase that I have used is “mastery beyond the human.” There is a sense of a towering individual, which of course is reminiscent of the towering individual known as Jesus of Nazareth. 

Sixth, there are, in my view, some very remarkable parallels between his teaching in the Course and the teachings of Jesus 2,000 years ago. This is a whole subject, but one that has been deeply influential for me. 

Seventh, the Course has inspired my trust, for many, many reasons. I don’t feel any deceptive intent in it, but rather the opposite, to a remarkable degree. I experience a rare amount of truthful intent there. So when the author talks about himself as Jesus, I’m inclined to believe him. 

In a nutshell, those are my reasons. Each of the seven points is obviously a whole topic unto itself. So it’s hard to convey all that much just by listing the points. I did write an article exploring some of the above: “What if Jesus Really Did Write this?You might find it helpful if you haven’t already read it. 

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