How is the Course community organized? Is it a church?

A Course in Miracles is not a church; it is simply a book that lays out a spiritual path. There is a publisher (the Foundation for Inner Peace), but no central organization or heirarchy. However, there are a number of independent organizations, such as the Circle of Atonement, who are dedicated to teaching and disseminating the Course and its message. There are some independent Course churches, such as the Community Miracles Center in San Francisco and A Place for Miracles in Las Vegas. There are a number of Course-based Internet discussion groups, chat rooms, and websites (click here for a selection of websites). And perhaps the most most prevalent way of teaching and disseminating the Course is study groups: groups of people who meet informally to discuss the Course together, with or without a facilitator or teacher.

There is some discussion in the Course community about whether the phenomenon of Course churches is a good thing. For Robert Perry's perspective on this issue, see his article entitled Should There Be Course Churches?

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