How can I make sense of the Course's impenetrable language?

Our experience at the Circle is that the Course is actually crystal clear, once it is understood that the Course is written in a unique, transformative style. Once you learn how to read this unique style, the Course will come to life for you. This is how to make sense of the Course's seemingly impenetrable language.

This style can be broadly summed up as follows:

  • It is symphonic and holographic rather than linear.
  • It is designed to transform rather than merely inform.
  • It is characterized by filling familiar terms with new meaning.

All three of these characteristics reflect a single intent: The Course wants to change our minds at the deepest level. Because this intent is embodied in the Course's style of writing, just reading the Course is transformative. And if one reads it in a way that is in harmony with its style, the Course will become crystal clear, fulfilling Jesus' promise that his words are "almost impossible to distort" (T-3.I.3:11)

For a wealth of practical instruction in how to study the Course, you may want to order the book Bringing the Course to Life: How to Unlock the Meaning of A Course in Miracles for Yourself, by Robert Perry and Allen Watson.

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