Does the Holy Spirit always answer our call? It doesn’t seem that way.

Q. It’s said a number of times in the Course that the Holy Spirit always answers a call. I feel blessed to have had a number of experiences in my life when I have felt that my call was answered, so I know from experience that answers are given. It’s the always I don’t get. I remember a particular experience as a child of asking for a sign that God was there, but there was nothing. I have often pondered through the years why I wasn’t given some form of confirmation or a sense of God’s love (which has come to me at other times in my adult life). I have asked for guidance on the question and never had an answer. So now I wish to ask you.

A. I know what it’s like to ask and not get answers—I think everyone does. But I believe the explanation is actually pretty simple. If you think of your mind as being like a radio, this radio is usually not tuned to the right station, and even when it is there is often a lot of static (which we, not God, contribute). If you are tuned to the wrong station, you obviously are not going to hear. The same is true if there is too much static. I think God always answers, but that doesn’t mean we always hear.

I also think that when we ask truly, the answer does reach us, but often it will reach us at a time or in a form that we don’t see as connected to our question. So we still think our question is unanswered, even though the answer has in fact come. The basic principle, though, is that the sun always shines, but the weather conditions in our mind (including our unconscious) often keep the sun from reaching us. To me, that makes far more sense than concluding that the Creator of all reality is not dependable.

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