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NewWhat Does It Mean to Be in the Present?  by Greg Mackie
The idea of being in the present is extremely popular in spiritual circles. When people speak of being in the present, they often mean that we must get in touch with the immediate experience of our physical
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NewMagic: What Is the Place of Medicine?  by Robert Perry
If we are supposed to turn to the miracle for healing, what exactly is the place of medicine?
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NewHow Jesus Applied the Course to the Lives of Helen and Bill  by Robert Perry
The Course can seem so general and nonspecific. What would it look like fleshed out, applied in an actual human life? We find an answer to this question in the extensive guidance Jesus gave to Helen and
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NewHappiness Through Mind Training  by Greg Mackie
A recent article by Anthony Barnes in the Independent (UK) describes Matthieu Ricard—a Buddhist monk who is the French interpreter for the Dalai Lama—as "the world's happiest man.&q
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NewIdentify with Love, and You Are Safe: Responding to Violence with Radical Love  by Greg Mackie
How can we respond to violence in a truly helpful and healing way? For me, this is no idle question. I am currently living in Mexico, where violence is a growing problem. Since 2006, when the government
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A Better Way

April/May Issue of A Better Way #140 The article in this issue is one by Greg entitled "From False Guiltlessness to True Guiltlessness: A Commentary on Helen's Concept of 'Healthy Guilt Feelings.'" In our Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles (CE), there is a curious line that says, "The concept of healthy guilt feelings has great merit" (T-5.V.6:1). Given the Course's teaching that we are guiltless, how can guilt feelings be healthy? Greg shows that there is in fact a continuum of sorts that runs from a false, ego-based form of "guiltlessness" all the way to the true guiltlessness that the Course regards as salvation. Learning more about this continuum can give us a very practical approach to our own feelings of guilt. Click here to read this month's A Better Way.

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