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NewThe Ocean of Your Mind  by Robert Perry
This article is based on a passage in the fourth review of the Workbook, a passage that metaphorically depicts our true mind as a vast ocean whose majesty remains unaffected by all that flotsam we throw
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NewHappy Fiction: A Course Perspective on the Stories We Tell  by Greg Mackie
In this article, Greg looks at fiction through the lens of the Course, both human fiction and the fiction we call life in this world. Why do we create fiction? What do we aim to accomplish with it? Is
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NewThe Urgency of Doing Our Part in Salvation  by Greg Mackie
Most students of A Course in Miracles know that the Course tells us to be patient regarding the ultimate outcome of salvation. But it may come as a surprise to learn that the Course also tells us it is
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NewHow Did Sin Give the Body Eyes?  by Robert Perry
The first paragraph of "What Is Sin" makes the strange statement that "sin gave the body eyes." This statement at first seems to make no sense, yet it turns out to be part of a profound,
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NewCommentary on Lesson 107: Truth will correct all errors in my mind.  by Robert Perry
Everyone tends to relate to truth, either consciously or unconsciously, as a threat. Truth, by definition, is something that is true for everyone, something that does not yield to our desires and preferences,
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A Better Way

January/March Issue of A Better Way #139 In January, we released the Circle of Atonement's new Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles ("CE" for short). For this edition of A Better Way, we asked people who played some part in producing the CE how they are experiencing their reading of the new edition, now that it is the version of the Course that they are actually using day to day. We hope you enjoy reading the responses. Click here to read this month's A Better Way.

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