Please note that our listing a web site here does not imply that the Circle of Atonement has "checked out" or approved of any of these sites, what they offer, or what they say. We list them here as a service to you, but you are responsible for discerning the value, or lack of value, in what you find at these sites.

(In alphabetical order)

ACIM Abstract is a site that shares a summary, or abstract, of the Course that has been developed by Erwin R. Braker. It offers brief quotations from the Course arranged by topics under four broad questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? And, How do I get there?

ACIM St. Louis provides information on St. Louis ACIM events, local study groups, articles by local ACIM students and other ACIM related links.

Clearmind International Institute is located outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. "Clearmind International Institute offers experiential workshops combining the principles of 'A Course in Miracles' with psychology and spirituality. Our programs are a passionate and playful journey into ourselves, our relationships and the universe." Duane O'Kane is the founder; he and Catherine Wyber are the primary teachers.

Community Miracles Center (formerly California Miracles Center) is based in San Francisco, headed up by Rev. Tony Ponticello and Rev. Larry Bedini. They have put together a neat site, flavored with their own unique flair. All kinds of info about the activities of CMC in SF, and a page where you can order from a list of over 270 ACIM-related books and tapes. They are both doing great work there in the Bay Area.

Course in Miracles Society CIMS is a non-profit organization, incorporated in 2000 and Publisher of the 'original edition&339; of ACIM. This is the unabridged volume of the Course as it was completed by Schucman and Thetford in 1972.

The Continuing Story of the Course. This site is offered by D. Patrick Miller, author of The Complete Story of the Course: The History, the People, the Controversies behind A Course in Miracles. It is a source for news about the Course and the Course community. Miller's goal for this site is to "provide a fair, factual and insightful reference to this teaching not only for current and prospective students, but also for other journalists, historians, theologians, and anyone else attempting to understand the growing social phenomenon spawned by A Course in Miracles."

Een Cursus In Wonderen A Dutch website about A Course in Miracles.

Milagros en Red is a Spanish ACIM website based in Argentina. It is the website for the Miracle Study Center in Buenos Aires, lead by Patricia Besada and Valerie Monk. It is packed with information, and includes Spanish translations of articles by many popular ACIM writers.

Milagros en Red es un sitio sobre UCDM en castellano creado en la Argentina. Es el sitio del Centro de Estudios de Milagros en Buenos Aires conducido por Patricia Besada y Valerie Monk. Está repleto de información e incluye traducciones al castellano de artículos de muchos escritores populares de UCDM.

Miracle Distribution Center is one of the oldest ACIM organizations. It features a mail-order business that offers nearly everything Course-related in the way of books, tapes and videos. They also maintain a very complete listing of study groups throughout the world.

Miracle Net: The home page for "A Course in Miracles" in the U.K. Lists ACIM events in the U.K. Also has wonderful sections on frequently asked questions.

MiraclesOne Foundation Co-founded by Revs. Paul and Deborah Phelps, the Miracles One Foundation's focus is "Living the Spirit—Led Life Through Practical Application of A Course in Miracles." They have co-authored books, meditation CDs, and the Practical Application Series of 30 day programs designed to help ACIM students strengthen their connection with the Holy Spirit. Every awakening tool is co-created under Holy Spirit's guidance and designed to help others apply the principles of the Course into their daily lives thus leading them to walk through the world with a quiet sense of confidence, trust and inner peace by truly living the Spirit-led life. Paul and Deb are also the producers of MiraclesOne Radio and the sponsors of ACIM Gather Radio

Miracles in Contact. Information about the Course, Course books and tapes, and study groups in the Netherlands.

Jon Mundy's Miracles Magazine is both one of the newest Course publications and one of the oldest. Jon has been publishing Course-related magazines for many years: On Course and Inspiration were previous titles, while Miracles is the latest incarnation, published bi-monthly. You can obtain a free sample copy simply by sending your postal address to Jon at

Nelson Course Community House Visiting beautiful British Columbia. Consider staying at Nelson Course Community House in Nelson, BC. We are located three hours north of Spokane, Washington and halfway between Vancouver and Calgary.

New Heaven, New Earth: David Sunfellow, a friend in Sedona, has kindly included some information about the Course and the Circle of Atonement on his Web page, "New Heaven New Earth." He has dozens of links to what he refers to as "like-minded" sites, many having to do with prophecies, spiritual teachings, and earth changes.

On Purpose is the organization of Sandy Levey-Lunden, who is based in Bellingham, Washington. The OnPurpose teaches workshops, retreats and seminars on how to establish a Holy Relationship according to the teaching of ACIM.

talk.religion.course-miracle Internet newsgroup for discussion of ACIM.

The Quest Foundation is a membership foundation whose mission is to support the practice of the principles of A Course in Miracles and Attitudinal Healing in the Northeastern region of the United States. They offer workshops, retreats, conferences, and seminars; act as a networking organization for ACIM and Attitudinal Healing groups in the region; and publish their own newsletter, The Spirit's Voice.

The Voice for Love The Voice for Love Foundation, founded in 1994 by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle, promotes a way of thinking, perceiving, and living the Truth of Who and What We are by sharing the Holy Spirit and supporting others in hearing this Voice for Love within them through their books, workshops, and teachers programs.

Way of the Heart "Way of the Heart" – Elohim Quarterly, a bi monthly Australian based metaphysical Journal of wide ranging articles source from international authors and writers with a focus on the Christ teachings to assist others in their spiritual growth. Our website offers a taste of the Journal, who we are and why, great upcoming spiritual journeys, workshops, events and subscription opportunities."

Individuals with ACIM-Related Materials

(In alphabetical order)

Daan Dehn has a page which contains numerous articles based on his 10+ years of exploring the Course.

Aba Gayle presents the Catherine Blount Foundation, a site dedicated to forgiveness and to the memory of her murdered daughter, Catherine Blount. Aba's story of how she forgave her daughter's murderer is an outstanding example of Course-based forgiveness. Aba Gayle carries on a ministry to prisoners, and is available for speaking engagements.

Gregor Geissmann has created a web site in German for German-speaking students of ACIM. It includes some translations of articles by Robert Perry and Allen Watson.

Helen Gordon offers live ACIM classes through America Online. The classes include both lecture and Q and A sessions.

Robert J. Hellmann, MA, author of God, Self, and Evil: A Miracle Theodicy. We believe that this book is an excellent contribution to Course scholarship.

Burt Hotchkiss, author of "Your Owner's Manual," a delightful and simple presentation of the message of ACIM in the form of an automotive owner's manual (but one for your life instead of your car), shares a few insights from the book and makes ordering it easy.

Carol Howe: Carol has a brand new site (November 1997) which is dedicated to "peace of mind through healed relationships." This site has a wealth of information on her unique approach to relationships, and much Course-related material. A full listing of Carol's cassette tapes, videos, books, and upcoming workshops is also available.

Target Joy A new site (Summer, 2007) by Ken Obermeyer, Author and Course Study Group leader. Ken produced the CD endorsed by Robert Perry titled, "A Course In Miracles Open-Eyed Meditations." If you want a link for your website or study group added to Ken's site, contact him via this website.

Sandy Levey-Lunden is a spiritual coach and counselor whose work is based on A Course in Miracles. She is located in Bellingham, Washington. Sandy has been helping people release and forgive past traumas for over 20 years. She has also developed a youth program called Youth On Purpose for helping to treat troubled teens and their families. She is currently working to build an ACIM community in the Washington area.

Chuck Okerstrom's booklet, The Ego Conspiracy, is now online for everyone to read.

Chris Rosenthal has a website entitled "Chris' Corner on the Course." Chris uses the principles of A Course in Miracles in her psychotherapy practice, and invites you to share her journey. Her site includes "Weekly Wisdoms," "Miracle Moments," an exploration of Reiki and the Course, a listing of her upcoming events, and more.

Marianne Williamson, well-known lecturer and author of Return to Love and several other books, has a web site of her own. She lists all her upcoming lectures and special events, has a page for her books and tapes.

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