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  • What needs to be purified? by Greg Mackie. Does it mean we need to purify the body, as is done in certain yoga practices and alternative therapies? Does it mean we have to purify our souls, like a medieval monk doing penance? No, it means something else entirely, something that is vitally needed if we are to take up our function as miracle workers.
  • Are forgiveness and "karma" operating simultaneously? by Greg Mackie. The Course seems to imply a karmic law of cause and effect, in which everything that happens to us is the inevitable effect of our own choices. Yet it also teaches forgiveness, which emphasizes that nothing really occurred. So, are forgiveness and "karma" operating simultaneously?
  • What is the difference between false joining and true joining? by Greg Mackie. The Course tells us frequently that much of the "joining" we do is not really joining. But it also tells us that truly joining with our brothers is essential to salvation. What, then, is the difference between false joining and true joining?
  • Alone Time by Greg Mackie. I really like to spend time alone, especially in quiet meditation. Yet it seems to me that the Course frowns on this, since it emphasizes joining with others. How can I reconcile my desire for alone time with the Course's emphasis on joining?
  • Unlimited communication by Greg Mackie. The Course tells us that communication must be unlimited. Does this mean that we have to tell everyone all of our private thoughts? Is Jesus speaking here of something akin to the Christian idea of confession?
  • How Does the Course Regard the Birth of a Child into this World? by Greg Mackie. How does the Course regard the birth of a child into this world? Since birth into this world represents birth into a world of illusion and separation, the implication seems to be that we shouldn't have children. Is this what the Course is suggesting?
  • Does the Course advocate total nonviolence? by Greg Mackie. Greg tackles this difficult question, saying that the Course does expect a healed mind to be extraordinarily nonviolent in behavior, but does not place a behavioral injunction of nonviolence on those with unhealed minds.
  • Will taking medicine reinforce the ego? by Greg Mackie. I have an illness, and am concerned about taking physical medicine. I know the Course does not forbid this, but since physical medicine is magic, won't taking it reinforce my ego?
  • Learning to hear guidance by Greg Mackie. The Course advises us to turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance on every aspect of our lives. But how do we learn how to hear the Holy Spirit's guidance?
  • Problems and the ego by Circle Staff. In my Course group, people seem to blame all of their problems on the ego—almost a "devil made me do it" kind of attitude. What attitude would the Course have us hold toward the ego?

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