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  • Discerning the Holy Spirit's Guidance by Robert Perry. When we ask the Holy Spirit about something, how do we know it's not just our ego talking?
  • The Celestial Speedup by Robert Perry. Does Jesus say anywhere in the Course why he came at this time? Does he say why Helen and why 1965? Does this have anything to do with the "celestial speedup," and have you written any commentary on that?
  • The World an Illusion? by Greg Mackie. I'm really struggling with the concept that this world is only an illusion, a dream. Do you have any suggestions that would help my mind grasp this concept?
  • Is There Only One Ego? by Greg Mackie. Since there is only One Mind, then is there only One Ego, which we all share?
  • Thought of Separation by Greg Mackie. If the thought of separation ran through the Sonship, why did it not run through the mind of our creations also? Wouldn't that thought have been shared?
  • What Is Atonement? by Robert Perry. What exactly is the Atonement? Is it an undoing of the separation? What steps can we take to achieve it? Is Atonement pronounced as usual, in the sense of making reparation for sins, or At-one-ment, like Unity?
  • How do I apply the Course to parenting teens? by Robert Perry. I have been reading and studying the Course for about eight months now. I am receiving a lot of benefit from it in my life. I have one area of my life that I am still struggling with: parenting. How do I apply the teachings of the Course to parenting teens in a loving way?
  • Sin versus error by Greg Mackie. According to the Course, what is the difference between a sin and an error?
  • Why does the Course use masculine terms? by Greg Mackie. Why does the Course always use masculine terms when referring to God, the Holy Spirit, and the beings that God created?
  • Does the Course's teaching about personal responsibility apply to children? by Greg Mackie. The Course tells us that we are responsible for all the circumstances of our lives, as well as for how we perceive those circumstances. Does this apply to children who are suffering from painful circumstances like sickness, starvation, and child abuse?

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