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  • Angels by Robert Perry. Are there really angels in Heaven? Wouldn't that mean levels? I personally believe there are no such divisions.
  • Should I take care of my body? by Greg Mackie. I've been struggling with weight loss, and I'm wondering: Should I take care of my body? Should I start exercising and eating healthy? If so, why? What's the use? Why keep the body healthy, which would result in my staying in this insane illusory world longer?
  • Karma by Robert Perry. I was wondering how the Course would address the issue of karma. I know, for example, that sickness is guilt made manifest, so guilt plays a unique part in what the East calls karma. Have you or someone else written an article about this topic?
  • Could the Separation Happen Again? by Greg Mackie. Once we awaken at the end of the journey, is it possible that we could fall asleep and lose ourselves in the dream of separation again?
  • How Can Illness Really Come from the Mind? by Robert Perry. How can illness really come from the mind? I read of a man who developed necrotizing fascilitis, a flesh eating bacterium, and died within twenty-four hours. How can such a thing be introduced by a fearful mind? Surely it is just the luck of the draw.
  • How important is Course interpretation? by Greg Mackie. How important is it really to get the perfect interpretation of the Course? Isn't it more important to do the "work" of the Course?
  • When Did Jesus Wake Up? by Robert Perry. At what point in his earthly life did Jesus fully awaken to God? On the surface, this may seem to be a nit-picky historical issue with no practical significance. But the answer that can be gleaned from what evidence we have actually gives us valuable insight into the overall outlook of the Course.
  • What if I don't have a holy relationship? by Greg Mackie. The Course says that salvation comes through holy relationships. But what if I don't even know anyone who practices the Course, let alone someone to have a holy relationship with?
  • Which volume of the Course should I start with? by Robert Perry. I've heard that all holy relationships start out as special relationships. And from the descriptions in the Text, it sounds like the relationship that eventually becomes a holy relationship is a difficult, conflict-filled relationship with major forgiveness issues. Is it possible for a relationship to start out as a holy relationship?
  • Are all things really possible to God? by Greg Mackie. Are all things really possible to God? More specifically, if God had wanted to create an external world separate from Himself, could He have done so?

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