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  • The Key to Communication by Greg Mackie. I am confused by the following passage: The guiltless and the guilty are totally incapable of understanding one another. Each perceives the other as like himself, making both unable to communicate, because each sees the other unlike the way he sees himself.(T-14.IV.10:1-2)
  • Sex by Robert Perry. I have been for several years now struggling with the issue of sex in A Course in Miracles. It seems to me that the Course is telling us to give up sex and romantic relationships, along with physical pleasure. In your article on Mother Mary, there is the sentence "the only valid use of sex is procreation." Is this confirming what I have been suspecting? I am so confused about the topic. Should sex be given up according to the Course? Should it just take place to allow childbirth? If so, does that mean that once we are not having any more children, it should then be relinquished?
  • I cannot be unfairly treated? by Greg Mackie. A Course in Miracles says, "You cannot be unfairly treated"(T-26.X.3:2). I'm in a situation where I feel like I'm being unfairly treated. How can I change my perception of this situation?
  • Why does the Course never mention Jesus' mother? by Robert Perry. The Course says very little about Jesus' life, except for those events (like the crucifixion and resurrection) that serve as teaching examples. However, there is a fascinating reference to Mary in Jesus' personal comments to Helen, in which he uses Mary as a teaching example.
  • How do we reconcile our unique, individual "special function" with the Course's contention that there is no unique individuality? by Greg Mackie. I'm confused by T-25.VI.5:8-10. It speaks of being a unique individual with a special function on which the entire plan of salvation depends. Is the Course saying that it's okay to see oneself as a unique individual, yet at the same time to try to incorporate the idea that there is no unique individuality, but rather only one Self that we share? That seems like an insane endeavor.
  • What is the relationship between fear and hate? by Robert Perry. The Course says that fear is the opposite of love, but I thought hate was the opposite of love. Also, what is the relationship between fear and hate? Do we hate because we're afraid or are we afraid because we hate?
  • Is wanting a new romantic relationship okay? by Greg Mackie. I have been divorced for a long time, but now find myself wanting a partner. Yet I believe the Course is telling me that I think I want a "special" relationship because my ego needs a diversion, something else to keep me from focusing my attention on the truth about myself. I feel that by even entertaining the idea of a new relationship, I'm delaying my progress along the path that the Course sets forth. What do you think about this?
  • Will we all awaken once a critical number of individuals question their ego? by Greg Mackie. Many of us are familiar with the "hundredth monkey" idea, where once a certain critical mass of minds learn something, the learning spreads to encompass everyone. Does the Course teach this, or anything like it?
  • Should we turn off the mind, as Eckhart Tolle says? by Robert Perry. Eckhart Tolle says that the mind is the greatest obstacle to awakening—that it's good to use my mind to deal with moving through this world, but that to awaken, I need to learn how to stop thinking. I think this is in harmony with the Course, but I'm not sure. What is your position?
  • If Jesus already saved the world, what are we still doing here? by Greg Mackie. In the Manual for Teachers, it says, "One sin perfectly forgiven by one teacher of God can make salvation complete" (M-14.3:7). I know there are other Manual references to the idea that it takes only one Son of God to do this and save us all. Isn't that what Jesus did? If so, shouldn't we be free of all illusions now?

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