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  • A Better Way #120 This month's article is one by Greg entitled "Unloosening the Chains of Time: The Practice of Letting Go of the Previous Hour and Blessing the Hour to Come." Daily life can feel like such a burden sometimes. It's as if we're oxen chained to a cart piled high with a heavy load of rocks that gets heavier and heavier over time as more rocks are thrown in. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to unchain ourselves from that cartload of rocks and free ourselves from the heavy cumulative burdens of life? In this article, Greg offers a practice that can help us do that: the hourly practice of letting go of the previous hour and blessing the hour to come.
  • A Better Way #119 Thoughts on How to Truly Change Hearts and Minds." We all know the "echo chamber" phenomenon: people holding biased points of view so firmly entrenched that nothing can budge them. What can be done to free us all from our own echo chamber? In a world that desperately needs a "better way," how can we truly change hearts and minds in a lasting way, including our own?
  • A Better Way #118 The lead article in this issue is one by Robert entitled "The Power of the Mind and the Challenges of Our Lives: What Role Does One Play in the Other?" When you are facing a challenge in your life, what role does the power of your mind play in that challenge—both in dispelling it and in bringing it about in the first place? In this article, Robert offers a practical process that incorporates what the Course says about how and why we "manifest" challenges in our lives, and also preserves the Course's real emphasis on how to face those challenges.
  • A Better Way #117 This month's lead article is one by Greg entitled "'What Should I Do for Him, Your Holy Son?' How We Can Truly Forgive Others and Set Ourselves Free." As every Course student knows, forgiveness is the central teaching of the Course. But how can we truly forgive in a way that will set our brothers and ourselves free from suffering and awaken us to God's Love? Greg shares a powerful forgiveness practice he created, based on the "Forgiveness" chapter of The Song of Prayer.
  • A Better Way #116 In this issue, we have an article by Robert entitled "'The Loneliness is Gone': Thoughts on Inviting a Closer Relationship with Jesus." While the Course does not require us to have a relationship with Jesus, throughout its pages it encourages us to invite him into our lives. In this article, Robert shares a crucial insight into why a relationship with Jesus can be such a precious gift for us as we walk the path of the Course.
  • A Better Way #115 The lead article for this issue is one by Greg entitled "At Home in a New World: Making the 'Foreign' Language of A Course in Miracles Your Own." The Course often feels like a foreign language to us, especially when we first encounter it. If this is the case, then what light might the process of learning a foreign human language shed on our process of learning the Course? Greg shares his thoughts on this question, based on his current process of learning Spanish in Mexico.
  • A Better Way #114 In this issue of A Better Way, we have an article by Robert entitled "Should the Course Community Actually Be United?" In it, he responds to the voluminous feedback we received in response to his previous article, "Could the Course Community Actually Be United?" In the current article, Robert draws from the Course material to make the case that Jesus wants us all to join in one interpretation of his words. Let's continue the discussion!
  • A Better Way #113 This month's article is one by Robert entitled "Could the Course Community Actually Be United?" The Course community seems so splintered by different interpretations that we Course students tend to take it for granted that it has to be that way. Robert, however, claims that there is a healthy way to achieve a unified Course community. He even cites the example of a community gathered around a similar teaching that does not suffer from the same disunity. How can we actually achieve this healthy sense of unity? And what can we personally do to contribute to this future?
  • A Better Way #112 Everyone loves a good celebration. But why? Often we celebrate the good things of life precisely because there's so much that's bad; our celebrations are often nothing more than a brief respite from the suffering of everyday existence in this dog-eat-dog world. But what if we could tap into a spirit of celebration that is truly celebratory, a celebration of life that rests upon the firm foundation of a truly happy reality? This is the celebration Jesus holds out to us, both in the gospels and in the Course.
  • A Better Way #111 This month, we have an article by Greg entitled "Individual Responsibilit or Communal Responsibility: What Would the Course Have Us Emphasize?" The relationship between individual responsibility and communal responsibility is something we wrestle with every day. Should we focus more on our individual responsibility for the condition of our lives, or on our communal responsibility to help others improve the condition of their lives? What would the Course have us emphasize? Greg offers an answer that, in his view, has the potential to transform the world.

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