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  • A Better Way #130 This month's article is one by Robert entitled "The Holy Spirit: the Voice for God or the Voice of God?" Part of the basic framework that most Course students carry around is that God Himself does not speak within the dream of this world, that instead the Holy Spirit—the Voice for God—speaks on His behalf. Yet Robert shows in this article that when we go back to the original dictation that Helen Schucman received, we find a somewhat different picture, one that could reshape our sense of God's relationship with the world.
  • A Better Way #129 This month's article, which has been months in the works, is a joint one by both Greg and Robert. Titled "We Have the Answer: Jesus' Vision of a Better World and How We Can Achieve It," the article is about a single very important passage in the original dictation of A Course in Miracles. Robert and Greg believe this passage is a reference to a speech by an American president as he set forth his vision of a better world and how to achieve it. Therefore, in the way that Jesus agrees and disagrees with this president, we can see what his own views are on this vital topic. It's a long article, but for all those Course students who are concerned about the world as a whole, we hope it will prove clarifying.
  • A Better Way #128 This month's article is one by Robert entitled "The Course's Program: Studying, Practicing, and Extending Jesus' New Meaning, So That It Becomes the Only Meaning for you." In this article, Robert provides a succinct summary of every aspect of the Course's spiritual program, a program that is absolutely vital if we want to accomplish the Course's lofty goals for us.
  • A Better Way #127 This month's article is one by Greg entitled "Purpose, Vision, Guidance: The Foundation for a Fulfilling Life." In this article, Greg describes how the three "first principles" in the article title—all prominent ideas in the Course—have become foundational to his life. He also offers tips on how to use these principles to bring more fulfillment to your life.
  • A Better Way #126 In this issue, we have an article by Robert entitled "'Shall We Not Speak to Him?' What to Do with the Prayers in the Workbook." In this article, Robert counters the common idea in Course circles that God does not hear our prayers, and therefore these prayers are not really meant to be said to Him. Robert shows that in fact, the Course is clear that God does hear our prayers, and these prayers are truly meant to be said to Him. Robert ends the article by describing his own transformative experience with the Part II prayers, and inviting us to try praying one of those prayers ourselves.
  • A Better Way #125 This month's article is one by Greg entitled "The Ultimate Problem-Solving Repertoire: How A Course in Miracles Has Helped Us in Couples Counseling—and How It Could Become a Helper of the World." In this article, Greg shares how the Course has helped him and his partner Patricia in their work with a couples counselor, and how to him this experience is a kind of snapshot of how the Course could potentially help countless people all over the world.
  • A Better Way #124 In this issue we have an article by Greg entitled "Healing Is Reparation: The Relief of No Longer Having to Be Mistake Free. " In it, Greg shares the insight that instead of trying desperately to never make a mistake, our focus should be on repairing the many mistakes we make. This focus on reparation is central to the Course's concept of the Atonement.
  • A Better Way #123 This month's article is one by Robert entitled "Jesus as Therapist: The Discourse about Bill's Parents." What would it by like to have the Course's author as our psychotherapist, speaking to us personally about a situation we are wrestling with? In the early dictation of the Course, we have a snapshot of this very thing, in the form of personal guidance to Bill about his relationship with his parents. In this article, Robert goes through that guidance line by line, drawing out both its message and the devices Jesus uses to drive that message home.
  • A Better Way #122 The lead article is "The Inexpressible Sanctity of Personhood," by Robert Perry. We all innately sense that there is something of ultimate importance, even sacredness, to a person. Yet various worldviews in our culture — from materialistic science which reduces us to brain chemistry to alternative spirituality which reduces reality to the impersonal Void — seem to undermine the ultimate reality of personhood. In this article, Robert shows how A Course in Miracles cuts against this cultural grain, presenting a worldview in which personhood is at the heart of ultimate reality.
  • A Better Way #121 The lead article in this issue is one by Robert entitled "Healing the Conflict of Wills." We are all familiar with situations in which a conflict erupts between a person who wants help and a person offering help — situations where what ought to be holy ground becomes a battleground. In this article, Robert offers a process for resolving this conflict of wills, based on two Manual sections that deal with this topic in the context of the teacher-pupil relationship. The article includes a diagram of the process and an exercise to apply it. As a bonus, we've included personal stories of three teachers who have successfully applied this process in their own work with those they are trying to help.

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