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  • A Better Way #138 The article in this issue is one by Greg titled "'You Need to Learn How to Love Other People': A Story of Guidance." In this article, Greg shares a personal story about some transformative guidance he received and had the opportunity to put to the test: that the most crucial thing in life for him, as for all of us, is to learn how to love other people.
  • A Better Way #137 This month's article is one by Greg entitled "Miracles Depend on Timing: Trusting in the Process of Positive Change." Jesus once told Helen that "miracles depend on timing," and that their effectiveness depends on a "three-way readiness": Jesus' readiness, the miracle worker's readiness, and the miracle receiver's readiness. In this article, Greg expands on this idea and shows how it can help us become more trusting, confident, and patient with the process as we extend miracles of love to others.
  • A Better Way #136 In this issue, Robert explores the meaning of the well-known statement in the Course "The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself," a statement that is often used to affirm that our only responsibility is to attend to our own minds. After a careful examination of the statement's immediate context, Robert finds a very different meaning in it, one that suggests a different vision of the Course itself.
  • A Better Way Discuss the latest article from the Circle’s newsletter, A Better Way.
  • A Better Way #134 This month's article is one by Robert titled "How Does Projection Really Work? " Projection seems to be a central concept in nearly everyone's understanding of A Course in Miracles. But how does it actually work? Is it just a matter of projecting onto others traits we dislike in ourselves? Or is it about something larger? In this article, Robert shares the new understanding he has gained from studying the Course's references to projection.
  • A Better Way #133 This month's article is one by Greg titled "The Outcome Is As Certain As God: The Blessings of Infinite Patience. " Most of us wrestle with impatience at one time or another. Fortunately for us, this is an issue the Course addresses. The Course places a major emphasis on the virtue of patience, to the point of calling us to infinite patience. In this article, Greg shares a bit of what he's learned about the blessings of infinite patience.
  • A Better Way #132 This month's article is one by Robert entitled "Course Lore: Common Misperceptions and Their Correction." "Course Lore" is the term we use at the Circle to denote ideas that are repeated so often that they are thought to be part of the Course, even though they are not. While it may seem counterproductive to discuss differences, these misunderstandings really need to be addressed, because they profoundly influence our journey with the Course. In this article, Robert presents fifty examples of "Course Lore" and offers Course-based corrections of them.
  • A Better Way #131 This month's article is one by Greg entitled "Every Problem Quietly Resolved: "The Liberating Problem-Solving Approach of 'The Quiet Answer' (T-27.IV). " Life is full of problems, isn't it? We have countless decisions to make every day, and we are often conflicted within ourselves and/or in conflict with others as we consider what to do. How can we possibly solve problems in a way that gets us out of conflict, that makes everyone genuinely and wholeheartedly happy? In this article, based on Text Chapter 27, section IV, "The Quiet Answer," Greg describes an approach to problem solving that undoes inner and outer conflict alike, an approach that we can apply to our daily lives right here and right now.
  • A Better Way #130 This month's article is one by Robert entitled "The Holy Spirit: the Voice for God or the Voice of God?" Part of the basic framework that most Course students carry around is that God Himself does not speak within the dream of this world, that instead the Holy Spirit—the Voice for God—speaks on His behalf. Yet Robert shows in this article that when we go back to the original dictation that Helen Schucman received, we find a somewhat different picture, one that could reshape our sense of God's relationship with the world.
  • A Better Way #129 This month's article, which has been months in the works, is a joint one by both Greg and Robert. Titled "We Have the Answer: Jesus' Vision of a Better World and How We Can Achieve It," the article is about a single very important passage in the original dictation of A Course in Miracles. Robert and Greg believe this passage is a reference to a speech by an American president as he set forth his vision of a better world and how to achieve it. Therefore, in the way that Jesus agrees and disagrees with this president, we can see what his own views are on this vital topic. It's a long article, but for all those Course students who are concerned about the world as a whole, we hope it will prove clarifying.

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