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Photo of Robert These short articles by Robert Perry are intended for the general reader—everyone from those who are totally unfamiliar with A Course in Miracles to experienced Course students. Each article applies the teachings of the Course to a daily life situation, and offers the reader a Course-based practice to apply to that situation in his or her own life.


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  • Who Was Jesus? The world has always been focused on the question of who Jesus was. But A Course in Miracles believes that the real question is: What did he teach?
  • What's in a Name? We try to avoid misleading names, yet what if all names are misleading? If all of us are one, why do we have separate names at all? Behind these separate names, what is our true name?
  • Open-Mindedness We all value open-mindedness, yet by that we mean being open-minded about particular facts or situations or issues. Could it be that there is a deeper open-mindedness, in which we are open to a whole different way of seeing reality?
  • I Rest in God More important than rest of the body is rest of the mind, and that is what is offered us by this wonderful line, "I rest in God."
  • Patience We feel ambivalent about patience because we fear that if we don't raise a stink, we'll have to wait longer. Could it be, however, that real patience has the power to draw to us that which we are waiting for, so that our wait is actually shorter?
  • Who Are the Blind? We assume that if our physical eyes are in working order, we are among the seeing. Yet all our eyes see is shapes and color. Sight of real meaning eludes us, and yet meaning is the only thing worth seeing. How, then, can we claim to have sight?
  • Gentleness Is Strength We automatically assume that gentleness is weakness, yet A Course in Miracles challenges this conception. It says that gentleness is far stronger than aggression, and that is why the gentle will inherit the earth.
  • Does God Ask Us to Make Sacrifices? Even if we believe in a loving God, we may also believe that He occasionally changes hats, especially when He asks us to do things that look like sacrifices. Yet how logical can it be to believe that God changes hats?
  • Tolerance We tend to value high standards, yet the ugly side of our high standards is intolerance. The higher our standards, the narrower the range in which we will feel all right. The key to peace is tolerance, and the key to tolerance is letting go of judgment.

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