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  • The Course and Mother Nature What impact should the Course's view have on our attitudes toward nature? If the world was made as an attack on God, what should be our new attitude toward nature?
  • How Can We Understand Projection Without Going Overboard? So often the understanding of projection we hear or hold seems overblown. Students, for instance, often talk as if we only see a trait in another because we ourselves have that trait. But aren't there times when we see a trait in someone because that person obviously has that trait? In this article, Robert draws on some guidance given to Bill Thetford to work out an understanding of projection that does not go overboard.
  • It's For Real: Finding and Fulfilling Your Special Function In this article, Robert addresses the more down-to-earth side of the special function, drawing from his personal experience and the example of Helen Schucman to answer practical questions such as "How do I find my special function?", "How do I make myself fit for it?", and "How do I deal with my resistance to it?"
  • The Course's New Year's Resolution In the Course, Jesus actually asks us to join him in making a New Year's resolution. What is this resolution? How can we make next year a truly different year?
  • Brother, Can You Spare a Miracle? The big thing on everyone's mind today is the economy. What do we do in the face of such hard times? In this article, Greg presents a prescription for how we can survive and even flourish during the current economic crisis, a prescription rooted in what the Course calls the "law of love": "What I give my brother is my gift to me."
  • What on Earth Is Our Special Function? We all yearn for a special calling or life's purpose, and the Course term "special function" seems to refer to exactly that. Yet we often resist this interpretation and conclude that our special function is simply to forgive particular people in our lives. What does the Course really teach here? Does it teach the "specific calling" or the "just forgive" perspective?
  • Facing the Topic of Holy Relationships In this article, Robert calls on us to face just how important the holy relationship is in the Course, and to face the Course's definition of it, as a relationship in which two people have joined in an ego-transcending goal. He claims that the place the holy relationship has in the minds and discourse of Course students is significantly out of step with the place it has in the Course.
  • The Holy Relationship: The Source of Your Salvation A Course in Miracles regards holy relationships as "the source of your salvation" (T-20.VIII.6:9). Yet as appealing as the idea of holy relationships sounds and as important as holy relationships are in the eyes of the Course, the concept is almost universally misunderstood by Course students. This article aims to clear up some of the confusion. Just what is a holy relationship? How does it develop? Why are holy relationships such a vital aspect of the Course's path to salvation? And if they are so vital, how exactly can I find one for myself?
  • "I Gladly Make the 'Sacrifice' of Fear" Robert draws out the meaning of the prayer for Lesson 323, a beautiful prayer that gives us permission to let go of our painful emotions and let God's Love come streaming in. In the process, it gives us a new vision of the way to God, a way in which we gain everything without any cost.
  • "These Words Dispel the Night" As Course in Miracles students, we have an ambivalent relationship with words. This is a truly unfortunate state of affairs, for repeating words is the Course's main practice, a practice on which it is resting the achievement of its goals for us. In this article, Robert explores the "why," "how," and "when" of the Course's practice of repeating words, drawing extensively from the Workbook's voluminous instructions on this practice. He hopes this will be the beginning of an ongoing discussion on this crucial topic. The goal the Course has set for us depends on it.

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