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  • The Law of Love Is Universal
    Reflections on the Prayer for Lesson 345
    Lesson 345, "I offer only miracles today, for I would have them be returned to me," suggests a whole new way of living in the world: a way of selfless giving rooted in the "law of love." In this article, Greg goes through this prayer line by line and draws out its meaning for our lives.
  • Miracles in A Course in Miracles An overview of the concept of the miracle in the Course, written for a scholarly anthology on miracles. Includes the concept of the miracle in the Course, examples of the miracle drawn from the story of the Course, and how the Course's miracle relates to the traditional miracle.
  • "For This You Yearn":The Goal of Holiness in A Course in Miracles We Course students tend to shrink from the word "holiness," rarely using the word in our conversations about the Course and redefining it as "wholeness" when we do. Yet in the Course itself, the goal of holiness—true saintliness, godliness, purity, perfection of character, sinlessness—is front and center. In this article, Robert helps us reconcile ourselves with the word and idea of holiness and the central role holiness plays in A Course in Miracles
  • Are There Many Sons or Just One Son? This question sounds vaguely akin to "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" But actually, it has direct and massive ramifications for how we see—and practice—the entire Course.
  • "This Course Is a Guide to Behavior": Part II In this article, Robert describes the Course's new vision of behavior as the constant extension of miracles as a result of releasing the miracle drive.
  • "This Course Is a Guide to Behavior": Part I If you thought that the Course was perhaps ambiguous or noncommittal about behavior, please read this article. Robert provides copious evidence for the importance of behavior in the Course, and then describes the role behavior plays in the Course's salvation process.
  • Thoughts on Nonduality Robert summarizes the Course's unique version of nonduality, a beautiful picture of reality that incorporates the best aspects of both traditional dualism and contemporary nondualism. In Robert's view, the Course offers a nonduality that satisfies both the requirements of the mind and the longings of the heart.
  • A New Vision of the Miracle In this extremely important article, the examples of miracles from Helen's early notes teach us that miracles are mainly not internal shifts in perception, nor need they be dramatic acts that change time and space around. They most often show up as simple acts of kindness and helpful messages given to another.
  • How the Course Views the Bible An excerpt from his book Seeing the Bible Differently, this article presents a broad overview of the way the Course interprets the Bible.
  • Course-based Parenting Parenting may be the single most important job of our lives. Does A Course in Miracles give us any guidance for how to be good parents? In the this two-part article, Robert discusses the basic mental stance the Course would have us take toward our children, a stance rooted in its unromantic view of the state of childhood.

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