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  • The Celebration of Christ's First Coming According to the Course, Christ's first coming was not 2,000 years ago in Palestine, but before time, with the creation of God's Son. How can we use Christmas to remind ourselves of the all-important fact that God created us as His Son?
  • Are We Responsible? How can it be that we are responsible for everything that happens to us, on the inside and the outside, including our physical illnessess, yet are never to blame?
  • Watch With Me, Angels An article from our November 2000 newsletter about angels and Christmas.
  • What I Have Learned About Guidance A major theme of A Course in Miracles is that we must turn over our lives to the Holy Spirit's guidance. But how do we do that? How do we know we've received guidance? What does a guided life look like? Robert shares thirty key points about guidance that he has learned from his personal experience.
  • Why Won't God Just Zap Me into Enlightenment? Allen explains how God's refusal to just zap us into enlightenment is actually an expression of His Love, rather than proof that He is cruel.
  • Magic: What Is the Place of Medicine? If we are supposed to turn to the miracle for healing, what exactly is the place of medicine?
  • The Weird Disease Robert uses the metaphor of a really weird disease to talk about the separation and the dreaming of this world.
  • "All My Sorrows End in Your Embrace" Robert attempts to draw out the beauty in the moving prayer that is found in Lesson 317.
  • How Would Jesus Want Us to Celebrate Christmas? We know how tradition wants us to celebrate Christmas, but wouldn't it be wonderful to know how Jesus himself wants us to celebrate his birth?
  • The Importance of Relationships This article examines the importance of relationships in the Course's scheme of things. Why does it make them so important? It looks first at the importance of relationships overall, and then at what makes a holy relationship such a powerful tool of transformation.

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