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  • Don't Let the Ego Stop You How should we react to our own mixed motives when the ego sneaks in to our attempts to act in love?
  • Practice-Oriented Spirituality: Unleashing the Power of Conscious Commitment Based on a book by prominent sociologist Robert Wuthnow, this article examines three different ways of living the spiritual life: dwelling-oriented spirituality, seeking-oriented spirituality, and practice-oriented spirituality. Embracing the Course as practice-oriented spirituality offers huge benefits because it unleashes the power of conscious commitment—the key to successfully taking hold of the glorious promises of the Course.
  • What is the Special Function? Mary Benton wrote Robert saying that she didn't agree with how the special function was characterized in his book, Path of Light. Robert felt that that this question—what is our special function?—is so important and such a source of confusion for Course students, that he asked Mary if she would like to dialogue about it for the website.
  • Dream Figures This is the Course's term for the bodies we see around us in this world, bodies which seem to act independently yet which are really acting out our secret wishes.
  • Be Born in Us Today Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ in a manger. In A Course in Miracles, Jesus speaks of his birth in another way as well. He speaks of being reborn in us. Perhaps, this Christmas, we can remember not only to celebrate his birth 2000 years ago, but to seek for, and celebrate, his birth in us today.
  • Was the Universe a Mistake? In November of 2004, Jim Marion wrote me about his reactions to Path of Light. While his response was mostly favorable, he disagreed with the Course's view that the separation was a mistake. We had a brief dialogue about this, which he has graciously allowed me to post on the website.
  • What Is the Christmas Story For? A comparison of the original Gospel writers' purpose for writing what became our Christmas story with the reinterpretation of that story's imagery in A Course in Miracles. While the Gospel writers wrote it to exalt Jesus, the Jesus of the Course uses it to exalt everyone.
  • Let Christ Be Welcomed Home A commentary on the first paragraph of Lesson 303. Using poetic imagery that evokes the traditional story of the first Christmas, it invites us to experience a kind of day that is a far cry from the usual frenetic activity of our conventional Christmas celebrations: a day of hushed expectancy, in which we peacefully await the birth of Christ at the center of our being.
  • We Celebrate Christmas by Repeating It The Course depicts us celebrating Christmas not by lauding events of long ago, but by repeating the birth of Christ in us today.
  • The Advent of the Course The birth of the Course as a modern example of the birth of the Christ child into this world.

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