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  • The Strange Taboo Against Disagreeing Robert addresses the point of view, common in spiritual circles, which says that it is never OK to express disagreement/
  • Acting Out Fantasies Is Just Plain Acting Out This study explores the Course's use of the term "acting out," which refers primarily to the familiar process of acting out our fantasies, but implies that this highly valued process is a case of just plain "acting out." Could it be that our normal pursuit of our hopes and dreams is just one big tantrum?
  • Make This Year Different: How the Course Would Have Us Approach the New Year As the new year arrives and you ponder making yet another set of resolutions, it may interest you to know that A Course in Miracles has its own ideas about the new year. In the final days of 1966 and the initial days of 1967, Helen Schucman took down a series of references to the new year. In this article, Robert goes through the meatiest of these references and applies them to our lives.
  • Watching Your Mind for Thoughts That Block Healing Robert provides a series of 26 questions to help one identify common thoughts during a therapy session that get in the way of real healing.
  • How to Be Truly Helpful: Doing Course-Based Psychotherapy? Robert summarizes the role of the therapist as helping the patient move from the little self, through the inflated self, through the guilty self, to the true Self. Based on a close study of Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice.
  • How Do You Know If You Are Doing Course-Based Psychotherapy? Robert provides a series of statements that describe Course-based therapy, allowing one to see how much one fits the model.
  • How Long, O Son of God This article draws out the meaning in Jesus' haunting question in the Workbook, “How long, O Son of God?” which neatly reverses the biblical cry, “How long, O Lord?”
  • Discerning the Valuable From the Valueless When we make decisions, how can we know what is truly valuable, and when we are taking hold of the valueless? This article explains the somewhat puzzling list of criteria from Lesson 133.
  • Memorize? Are You Kidding?! Allen presents an enthusiastic encouragement for students to memorize passages from the Course, giving several benefits that come from memorization, and offering what he refers to as "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Memorization": a memorization technique that works for anyone. It isn't easy, but the method works if you do the work.
  • Doing Our Part What part does each of us play in the healing of the world? Allen offers some surprising thoughts on the topic.

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