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  • Near-Death Experiences and A Course in Miracles This article, originally published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies (Volume 32, Number 4, Summer 2014), truly breaks new ground: It is the first comprehensive comparison of the philosophies of near-death experiences (NDEs) and A Course in Miracles to be published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Our comparison of the two philosophies encompasses a number of categories: the nature of God; true human identity; the spiritual realm; the nature of the world; the power of thought, choice, prayer, and healing; and the purpose of life on earth. In each category we found a number of specific parallels, and in some we also found differences or apparent differences. We found in both NDEs and the Course a central focus on unconditional love. It is our hope that this article will be a catalyst for further research on the relationship between NDEs and the Course.
  • "A Method of Conversion"
    Thoughts on How to Truly Change Hearts and Minds.
    We all know the "echo chamber " phenomenon: people holding biased points of view so firmly entrenched that nothing can budge them. What can be done to free us all from our own echo chamber? In a world that desperately needs a "better way," how can we truly change hearts and minds in a lasting way, including our own?
  • Did the Resurrection Actually Happen? How as Course students do we approach the resurrection of Jesus? Should we see it as a real historical event? In this article, Robert surveys the evidence for the resurrection and explains how we should view it from a Course perspective.
  • "All My Sorrows End in Your Embrace": The Concept of "Embrace" in A Course in Miracles In this article, Robert surveys the Course's references to being embraced. He finds that in this simple, almost embarrassingly anthropomorphic, image is contained a central truth about the nature of Heaven and our relationship with God, one that we may just find deeply desirable.
  • My Course-based Jury Duty We at the Circle get asked a lot about whether it's proper for a Course student to serve on a jury. Our short answer is yes, but what might that look like on a practical level? In this article, Greg shares his recent experience of actually serving on a jury, applying Course principles to the case at hand. Hopefully, it will provide a little snapshot of how a person might serve on a jury in a Course-based way.
  • The Power of the Mind and the Challenges of Our Lives
    What Role Does One Play in the Other?
    When you are facing a challenge in your life, what role does the power of your mind play in that challenge—both in dispelling it and in bringing it about in the first place? In this article, Robert offers a practical process that incorporates what the Course says about how and why we "manifest" challenges in our lives, and also preserves the Course's real emphasis on how to face those challenges.
  • At Home in a New World: Making the "Foreign" Language of A Course in Miracles Your Own The Course often feels like a foreign language to us, especially when we first encounter it. If this is the case, then what light might the process of learning a foreign human language shed on our process of learning the Course? Greg shares his thoughts on this question, based on his current process of learning Spanish in Mexico.
  • It All Served to Benefit the World
    A Way Out of Guilt Over Our Past Mistakes
    Virtually all of us have experienced nagging guilt over something we did in the past that hurt someone else. In this article, Greg explores a passage from the Manual for Teachers that can help us lift that burden of guilt
  • Pursuing the Goal: 25 Principles from A Course in Miracles How do we pursue the goal of the Course? In this article, we look at twenty-five principles from the Course for how to achieve the goal of God.
  • Within the Victim, the Victimizer What is the relationship between the victim and the victimizer in ourselves? A Course in Miracles has an answer that is different than the usual, an answer so different that we might find it quite challenging, even disturbing, yet this same difference can ultimately be liberating.

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