teacher of God

One whose function is to teach others on behalf of God; a bringer of salvation, a savior, a function may take. One is that of a healer, who goes to physically ill patients to extend the healing power of the miracle. The other is that of a spiritual teacher, who joins with pupils and teaches them his path of awakening. The following process of development is described: 1. A beginning teacher of God is one who has made one deliberate choice in which he saw someone else's interests as the same as his (see M-1.1). His pupils then are drawn to him and join with him in the common goal of learning the same spiritual path (see M-2). 2. Through these holy relationships he becomes an advanced teacher of God who acquires the ten characteristics of God's teachers (see M-4). 3. He finally transcends the world and becomes a Teacher of teachers (see M-26.2). From his position beyond the body he now will guide and inspire those teachers who are still in the body, working through them to save the world. See extension, teaching.

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