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Can a chemical imbalance block my connection with God?

Q. I came down with a bad case of the flu recently and I thought I would feel better if I meditated and practiced my Workbook lesson. Yet instead of feeling more connected, I felt totally cut off, from God and from the Course. It all seemed completely meaningless, and no matter how hard I […]

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If I get sick, does that mean I am not very evolved spiritually?

Q. I have been sick lately, and my spiritual friends are acting like this is some kind of statement of how spiritually backward I am. Does the Course see one’s degree of physical sickness or health as a measure of one’s spiritual advancement? A. It is true that the Course sees physical illness as a […]

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How can we reconcile the Course’s philosophy of sickness with the effectiveness of medicine?

Q. I can almost accept the Course’s teaching that the mind’s attacks make physical sickness. However, I still have some trouble reconciling that perspective with some of the scientific, double-blind studies using placebos. I’ve read a number of studies where patients didn’t know if they were getting the real medicine or a placebo. Yet for the […]

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