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Can a chemical imbalance block my connection with God?

Q. I came down with a bad case of the flu recently and I thought I would feel better if I meditated and practiced my Workbook lesson. Yet instead of feeling more connected, I felt totally cut off, from God and from the Course. It all seemed completely meaningless, and no matter how hard I […]

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Why does the Course say “life is thought” when some enlightened teachers say that thought is of the ego?

Q. In Lesson 54, it says “If I did not think I would not exist, because life is thought.” Some enlightened teachers like Eckhart Tolle or Sri Nisargadatta Maharash say that thought is of the ego and that our Self exists in a state of pure being. They claim to not think except when they […]

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How is meditation a collaborative venture?

Q. I am a bit puzzled by that line in the Urtext, “Meditation is a collaborative venture with God.” How do we collaborate with God through our meditations? What’s the relationship between that and being in relationship with others? A. Meditation is a collaborate venture with God in the same way that kissing is a […]

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