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If I feel guilty for judging another, should I forgive myself?

Q. I have been noticing lingering guilt that stems from judging someone or having a harsh reaction toward someone. From the Course’s standpoint, I should forgive myself as a way of getting rid of this guilt—am I right? A. Letting go of guilt is definitely a major focus in the Course. We do no one […]

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How do we uncover our guilt?

Does the Course recommend that we uncover our inner, private, subconscious guilt passively or actively? By passively, I mean that when we forgive guilt we have projected onto others, the corresponding inner subconscious guilt is healed by the Holy Spirit without our participation. It seems to me, though, that the Course wants us to be more active and direct—to actively uncover our private subconscious guilt. Would you agree, and if so, by what methods does the Course recommend that we uncover it?

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