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Is it right to seek guidance from sources outside the Spirit within?

Q. I find that many Course students are contacting mediums and seeking guidance from other spiritual beings. I am confused. I have always thought that the course was leading us to the Christ Spirit or Creator within. I thought we should only contact the Christ within us through meditation from which we receive our guidance. I […]

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Should we be guided by the words of the Course or directly by the Holy Spirit?

Should we try to graduate from studying the Course to getting what we need directly from the Holy Spirit? Or should we focus on the words of the Course and downplay receiving guidance from within? Robert offers his perspective on this pertinent and controversial issue.

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Discerning the Holy Spirit’s Guidance

When we ask the Holy Spirit about something, how do we know it's not just our ego talking?

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Learning to hear guidance

The Course advises us to turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance on every aspect of our lives. But how do we learn how to hear the Holy Spirit's guidance?

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