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What is “the record”?

Q. What is the record? I have encountered this term in the Urtext and am wondering what it means. Is it like the Akashic records? A. “The record” (or “the records”) is mentioned in six passages in the original dictation, and there is an additional passage that refers to Helen’s dream from years before, “The […]

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What is the role of silence?

What is the role of silence (stilling the mind) in the practice of A Course in Miracles?

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Doesn’t the Course say that we should "forget this course"?

I feel that many Course students cling to the Course and make a crutch out of it. But doesn't the Course tell us to "forget this course"? Rather than focusing so much on the raft, to use an image from Buddhism, shouldn't we just cross the river, put the raft down, and move on?

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Does the Workbook expect too much from me?

When I first started the Workbook it seemed to be easy for the first few weeks, until I got to Lesson 41. I believe the lessons are well planned and that this course is for all sorts of people, the saints and the very normal people like me! What does it mean, then, that already after only forty days of doing the lessons, he expects us to be able to find the quiet place in our mind and hear the Holy Spirit? It's very tempting to feel like a failure when we don't reach what he is expecting from us.

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Learning to hear guidance

The Course advises us to turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance on every aspect of our lives. But how do we learn how to hear the Holy Spirit's guidance?

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