Course Meets World

This is a place to discuss various topics "in the news" from the point of view of A Course in Miracles: things like current events, scientific research, current ideas in fields that overlap with aspects of the Course, other spiritual paths, people who are inspiring examples of Course-like love and forgiveness, etc. As a basis for discussion, I'll write an occasional short piece on a topic that I've been thinking about. The goal is to bring a Course perspective to the "larger conversation," topics being discussed in the larger world.

Greg Mackie has been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1991. He studied the Course intensively with Robert Perry at the Circle of Atonement for two years, and began teaching for the Circle in 1999. He now writes articles for A Better Way. In addition, he maintains a "Course Meets World" page in which he relates the Course to topics "in the news," assists in the Circle’s teacher-of-pupils training program, and works with his partner, Patricia Zamudio, to be truly helpful to migrants in Mexico.

Offered by: Greg Mackie
Open to: All CCC members are automatically included in this group.

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