Healing Prayer Ministry by members of the Circle Course Community

"Help in prayer does not mean that another mediates between you and God. But it does mean that another stands beside you and helps to raise you up to Him." (The Song of Prayer)

If you would like to use the services of our Healing Prayer Ministry, we invite you to e-mail your prayer request to us at prayerministry@circleofa.org.

Here is how our Healing Prayer Ministry works:

• We will pray for you every day.
• We will do so for 30 days. At the end of that time, an additional 30 days may be requested if desired.
• During this period of prayer, we are available to you via e-mail if you find that helpful.

Our intent is to pray for you in a way that is in harmony with the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Our aim is to pray in the spirit of this passage from The Song of Prayer:

The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need.…In prayer you overlook your specific needs as you see them, and let them go into God's Hands....It is to Love you go in prayer. Prayer is an offering; a giving up of yourself to be at one with Love. (S-1.I.4:1, 3; 5:4-5)

In your prayer request, please describe the situation you want prayers about in whatever way feels right and meaningful to you, providing as many or as few details as you are comfortable with. In our prayers for you, our emphasis will be on looking past specifics to the truth that God is Love; that everyone involved in the situation is His beloved, holy child; and that He has a loving plan for everyone's life. We believe that seeing this, and trusting in this, is the way to healing and happiness.

In love, peace, and joy,
The members of the Circle Course Community Healing Prayer Ministry

Offered by: Pari Nikkhoo
Meets: Email communications to group a few times a week.
Open to: Anyone

Send your prayer requests letting us know what life situation of yours you would like us to pray about.
To join the Healing Prayer Ministry send Pari an email