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SKU: E112
A Course in Miracles contains a vast and original system of spiritual psychology offering deep insights into the human mind. I hope that you find this a fascinating and eye-opening tour of the Course's view of the mind.
SKU: P105
This supplement to A Course in Miracles was scribed by Helen Schucman in 1977. It applies the Course's principles to three subjects traditionally associated with religion: prayer, forgiveness, and spiritual healing.
SKU: B113
A Course in Miracles promises to teach its students miracles, and who would not want to learn that? Yet the Course redefines miracles, causing many students to simply be confused about them. This book attempts to clear up that confusion.
SKU: B114
Provides an antidote to feelings of discouragement, impatience, despair, and doubt that may arise for those trying to reach the goal of the Course. Gathering together many of the Course's thoughts, it reassurs us that attaining the goal is inevitable.
SKU: P107
This book contains Helen Shucman's poetry, which Helen did not receive from the author of the Course, and closes with a fourteen-page piece which may have been Helen's final authentic scribing from Jesus.
SKU: B115
A Course in Miracles teaches that the whole spiritual journey is a journey home to God, Whom we have never really left. This book describes this spiritual journey, identifying the stages we pass through as we move from fear to love.
SKU: E106
A Course in Miracles promises if we will simply follow its way, we will find deliverance from unhappiness, sickness, fear, and all limitation. The mind-training program of the Courses Workbook is essential to the fulfillment of this promise.