Books, booklets and E-books by ACIM authors and teachers, Robert Perry, Allen Watson, and Greg Mackie. ACIM Source Materials.

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SKU: B107
This is an exceptionally clear and inspiring introductory guide to A Course in Miracles, designed for everyone from veteran students to the merely curious. It provides a bridge into the fascinating world of the Course
SKU: P104
This supplement to A Course in Miracles was scribed in the mid-70s by Helen Schucman in the same way the Course was scribed. It answers the question: What would psychotherapy look like if done from the perspective of A Course in Miracles?
SKU: B108
This book organizes the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles into a coherent, understandable picture. It examines the Course's vision of reality, attempting to answer questions such as "What is real?" and "What am I?"
SKU: B109
Describes the unique teaching of A Course in Miracles that the quest for God is best accomplished through the transformation of our relationships from special relationships based on separate interests to holy relationships based on a common goal.
SKU: B130
This book presents an in-depth exploration of the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles in a systematic way. A fascinating journey from Heaven to the depths of the ego's hell and back again.
SKU: B110
Drawing on the Course's own view of the Bible, this book recognizes similarities and differences, seeing the Course as a clearer presentation of truth, which supersedes the Bible while standing clearly in its lineage.
SKU: E105
This e-booklet presents the Course's lofty vision of our Divine nature, and helps us learn how to gaze lovingly on "the face of Christ" in them no matter what they may think, say, or do.