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SKU: B105
God is a central topic in human life and in A Course in Miracles. Little attention has been given to God by most Course students and teachers. This book helps students gain (or regain) a sense of God's relevance and immediacy.
SKU: B106
This book compares the Circle's and Ken Wapnick's visions of A Course in Miracles. It addresses how the two visions relate to each other, delineating both similarities and differences. It then explores the key differences.
SKU: B107
This is an exceptionally clear and inspiring introductory guide to A Course in Miracles, designed for everyone from veteran students to the merely curious. It provides a bridge into the fascinating world of the Course
SKU: L101
Have you ever repeated your Workbook lesson only to have it feel like a rote and useless exercise? This double-sided card is the antidote.
SKU: B108
This book organizes the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles into a coherent, understandable picture. It examines the Course's vision of reality, attempting to answer questions such as "What is real?" and "What am I?"
SKU: B109
Describes the unique teaching of A Course in Miracles that the quest for God is best accomplished through the transformation of our relationships from special relationships based on separate interests to holy relationships based on a common goal.
SKU: B130
This book presents an in-depth exploration of the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles in a systematic way. A fascinating journey from Heaven to the depths of the ego's hell and back again.