E-Books about A Course in Miracles by ACIM authors and teachers, Robert Perry, Allen Watson, and Greg Mackie.

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SKU: E101
Discusses planning and decision-making from the perspective of the Course. The Course promises that we can turn over all decision-making to the Holy Spirit and thus free ourselves from the stress of having to plan our lives ourselves.
SKU: E107
This book is designed to teach the student, through instruction, example and exercises, how to read the Course. It is designed to instill new reading habits, which can turn the reading of the Course int personal encounter with truth.
SKU: E102
An in-depth discussion of T-18.VII, which presents the liberating message that we need do nothing to be who we really are. Embracing this truth enables us to inwardly "do nothing" while outwardly engaging in an active life of service.
SKU: E103
This book compares the Circle's and Ken Wapnick's visions of A Course in Miracles. It addresses how the two visions relate to each other, delineating both similarities and differences. It then explores the key differences.
SKU: E105
This e-booklet presents the Course's lofty vision of our Divine nature, and helps us learn how to gaze lovingly on "the face of Christ" in them no matter what they may think, say, or do.
SKU: E112
A Course in Miracles contains a vast and original system of spiritual psychology offering deep insights into the human mind. I hope that you find this a fascinating and eye-opening tour of the Course's view of the mind.
SKU: E106
A Course in Miracles promises if we will simply follow its way, we will find deliverance from unhappiness, sickness, fear, and all limitation. The mind-training program of the Courses Workbook is essential to the fulfillment of this promise.