Booklets about A Course in Miracles by ACIM authors and teachers, Robert Perry, Allen Watson, and Greg Mackie.
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SKU: B129
A brief description of A Course in Miracles, suitable for those unfamiliar with the Course.
SKU: B102
This book presents survey of various teachings about judgment in A Course in Miracles: What is judgment; giving up judgment; the right use of judgment; the judgment of the Holy Spirit; the Last Judgment.
SKU: B110
Drawing on the Course's own view of the Bible, this book recognizes similarities and differences, seeing the Course as a clearer presentation of truth, which supersedes the Bible while standing clearly in its lineage.
SKU: B114
Provides an antidote to feelings of discouragement, impatience, despair, and doubt that may arise for those trying to reach the goal of the Course. Gathering together many of the Course's thoughts, it reassurs us that attaining the goal is inevitable.
SKU: B115
A Course in Miracles teaches that the whole spiritual journey is a journey home to God, Whom we have never really left. This book describes this spiritual journey, identifying the stages we pass through as we move from fear to love.