1. What is A Course in Miracles? On the surface, this is an easy question: The Course is a big blue book. But what is its essence? What is its purpose? What does it aim to accomplish? Robert provides an deeper answer to the question of what A Course in Miracles really is.
  2. What is the Circle of Atonement? In this video, Robert offers a brief account of the history and mission of the Circle: in short, to help students take the Course as the author intended.
  3. What is The Circle of Atonement's Approach to A Course in Miracles? There are so many approaches to the Course out there, from those who take the Course to be mainly metaphor to those who see it as a grab bag of inspiring ideas. What is the Circle's approach? Robert explains in this brief video that the Circle's approach is rooted in how the Course itself suggests it should be read.
  4. How Does Doing A Course in Miracles Affect One's Life? It is often said that A Course in Miracles aims to give us inner peace, and that's true. But the benefits it promises are so much deeper and more all-encompassing than that. In the end, the Course aims to transform every aspect of our lives and lead us to a whole new kind of existence.
  5. Who Authored A Course in Miracles? Most everyone knows that the Course claims to be authored by Jesus. Should we believe that? In this video Robert discusses the Course's authorship claim and gives us plausible reasons to take this claim seriously.
  6. What Role Does Forgiveness Play in A Course in Miracles?Forgiveness is central to A Course in Miracles, but the Course's version of forgiveness is quite different from forgiveness as conventionally understood. In this video, Robert summarizes the nature and benefits of Course-based forgiveness.
  7. How Should One Approach Doing the Workbook portion Of A Course in Miracles? Most Course students have been through the Workbook, often multiple times. But have we really gone through the Workbook as the Course's author envisioned? Robert shows us how we can get the most out of the Workbook and experience the immense benefits it promises.
  8. Is A Course in Miracles a Self-Study Course? The first thing you usually see in descriptions of the Course is, "A Course in Miracles is a self-study Course." But is it? Robert's answer draws upon what the Course itself says and implies about how it is meant to be taken.
  9. In A Course in Miracles, What is a Miracle? Miracles are what the Course is a course "in," yet they are almost universally misunderstood by Course students. In this short video, Robert Perry presents a succinct Course-based definition of the miracle, highlighting both the similarities and differences with more traditional views.
  10. What Does A Course in Miracles Say About Our Life Purpose? We are all searching for our life purpose. What does A Course in Miracles have to say about this search?
  11. How Can We Use A Course in Miracles as a Source of Guidance in Our Lives? Who wouldn't love to have divine guidance for the many decisions that face us in our daily lives? Does such guidance really exist, and if so, does the Course give us the tools we need to access it?
  12. According to A Course in Miracles, Is it Ever Appropriate to Correct Other People's Behavior? In this short video, Robert explains that while correcting others is sometimes necessary, we need to learn how to do it in a whole new way.
  13. How Does Self-Discipline Fit Into A Course in Miracles? For those of us steeped in the modern "go with the flow" ethos, self-discipline sounds so dreary and unspiritual. Yet what does the Course say about this? Could it be that self-discipline is the key to reaching out and grasping true happiness?
  14. What Role Does Motivation Play in A Course in Miracles? We don't often think of the author of A Course in Miracles as a motivational speaker. Yet in the Course's view, proper motivation is the key to achieving its lofty goals.
  15. In A Course in Miracles, What is a "Teacher of God?" Our egos love to latch onto the title "teacher of God" and use it as a springboard to self-inflation. Yet this temptation doesn't mean that we should abandon the calling of being a teacher. On the contrary, the Course wants us to be true teachers of God, living exemplars of love, healing, and helpfulness to all our brothers.
  16. What is the Future of A Course in Miracles? So far, A Course in Miracles has been one small menu item on the New Age smorgasbord. But another future for the Course is possible, one in which people support each other in doing the Course as its author instructed, and thus really experiencing the fruits it promises.