What are the benefits of taking the Course?

The Course promises that countless benefits will result from walking its path, benefits it often portrays as gifts from God's infinite treasure house. Among those gifts are the following:

  • The gift of a deep and profound sense of inner peace
  • The gift of releasing our grievances through forgiveness
  • The gift of relationships transformed from contentious war zones into truly holy relationships
  • The gift of frequent holy instants, spiritual experiences in which we temporarily enter a boundless realm of peace, joy, and love
  • The gift of receiving guidance from the Holy Spirit for all the decisions of our lives
  • The gift of finding our special function, the particular role God has for us in the world
  • The gift of giving to others, of being truly helpful to other people
  • The gift of days filled with happiness.
  • Finally, the indescribable gift of awakening fully to the awareness of God and our true home in Heaven

One of the benefits in the above list is the holy instant. The following is a description of a holy instant that one Course student had in an encounter with a woman whom, under normal circumstances, he held unkind judgments against. (It is excerpted from Robert Perry's book Path of Light: Stepping into Peace with A Course in Miracles.

The thing that struck me right away is that I felt more love/joy in being in [her] presence than I have ever felt before….It was an experience of pure absolute bliss in coming into contact with someone….I felt a love, a sense of love, that surpassed any concept of love that I have experienced on a conscious level. I have been in love, I've had many male/female relationships, and in looking back it was no comparison, because it was so much greater than anything that I had ever experienced. And I said, "this is love."

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